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GNUstep history

From: Scott Christley
Subject: GNUstep history
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2008 10:56:37 -0700

Hello GNUstep webmasters!

I was browsing awhile ago and happened upon the Wikipedia entry for GNUstep

and what struck me was that the History was wrong. Not blatantly wrong as if completely incorrect, just missing lots of information and giving the false impression that objcX was the initial code base for GNUstep, which it was not. None of Paul's and the SLAC code could be used because the copyright could not be assigned to FSF. That's when I created gnustep-gui from scratch and the windows backend (which I think has been scrubbed now), and assigned them to FSF. And later on gnustep-db and gnustep-make.

I really didn't think too much of it at the time, and I know it is Wikipedia's general policy not to allow posts about oneself, so I didn't pursue it.

Anyways, I've just started to look into getting GNUstep into Fedora, some people actually started the conversation a month or so ago. I've been going through the email discussion, following the links when I happened across this GNUstep history page.

Which is nice but also incomplete in the beginning days. Though it doesn't say it explicitly, it give the impression that objcX was the initial code base for the gnustep-gui that we have today. I also note that all the efforts between 1996 and 1998 are essentially blank.

I'm guessing this is because of a number of reasons:

1) The unfortunate demise of my company NET-Community in 1998 forced me into industry, and into a position where I could not work on free software for a number of years. So about the only person still active in GNUstep who still remembers me is probably Adam Fedor, my time did not cross with Richard Frith-Macdonald who really did a great job in moving GNUstep to the next level.

2) The tendency I had in those early days to use generic accounts on my development machines (like address@hidden, or address@hidden ) instead of my own, which means my name is missing from the early Changelogs.

3) Also because none of the emails for me in the GNUstep source code or elsewhere are valid, so maybe people tried to contact me but never could!

I also notice that my entry on the GNUstep who's who page is sparse.

Personally, I feel very silly even pointing this stuff out. I always assumed it was common knowledge to everybody, but apparently not!

I wonder if maybe you are interested in filling in some of the gaps in GNUstep history?

Scott Christley

a little glimpse in the past :-)

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