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GnuTLS leaks a file descriptor in _gnutls_psk_pwd_find_entry()

From: Laurence Withers
Subject: GnuTLS leaks a file descriptor in _gnutls_psk_pwd_find_entry()
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 18:15:36 +0000
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I've found that GnuTLS leaks a file descriptor in 
_gnutls_psk_pwd_find_entry() (from src/lib/auth_psk_pwd.c) . On line 
175, we see a call to open a file:

  FILE* fd;
  /* ... */
  fd = fopen (cred->password_file, "r");

However, there is no associated call to fclose. The attached patch, 
against version 2.2.2, adds a call to fclose() in each of the possible 
exit paths.

I have tested it with the application in which I noticed the leak; the 
leak no longer occurs. The patch also applies cleanly against 2.3.4, 
although I did not perform a runtime test.

Bye for now,
Laurence Withers, <address@hidden>  --  jabber:address@hidden                             tel:+447753988197

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