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[PATCH] internals doc update

From: Daiki Ueno
Subject: [PATCH] internals doc update
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 20:09:23 +0900
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When I wrote SessionTicket extension I referred to the manual node
"Adding a New TLS Extension", and noticed that it is not up to date.
So, here is a patch.

diff --git a/doc/gnutls.texi b/doc/gnutls.texi
index ddb2bfa..b3a1ee9 100644
--- a/doc/gnutls.texi
+++ b/doc/gnutls.texi
@@ -3808,7 +3808,7 @@ consider adding support for the hypothetical TLS extension
address@hidden Modify @code{} to add @code{--enable-foobar} or 
address@hidden Add @code{configure} option like @code{--enable-foobar} or 
 Which to chose depends on whether you intend to make the extension be
 enabled by default.  Look at existing checks (i.e., SRP, authz) for
@@ -3830,6 +3830,8 @@ fi
 AM_CONDITIONAL(ENABLE_FOOBAR, test "$ac_enable_foobar" != "no")
 @end example
+These lines should go in @code{lib/m4/hooks.m4}.
 @item Add IANA extension value to @code{extensions_t} in @code{gnutls_int.h}.
 A good name for the value would be GNUTLS_EXTENSION_FOOBAR.  Check
@@ -3845,10 +3847,19 @@ foobar protocol is allocated another number.
 A typical entry would be:
+  int ret;
+  /* ...
+   */
-                         _gnutls_foobar_recv_params,
-                         _gnutls_foobar_send_params),
+  ret = gnutls_ext_register (GNUTLS_EXTENSION_FOOBAR,
+                             "FOOBAR",
+                             GNUTLS_EXT_TLS,
+                             _gnutls_foobar_recv_params,
+                             _gnutls_foobar_send_params);
+  if (ret != GNUTLS_E_SUCCESS)
+    return ret;
 @end example
Daiki Ueno

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