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Re: ASN1 structure implementation is missing for OID which is P

From: Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos
Subject: Re: ASN1 structure implementation is missing for OID which is PostalCode, and OID (Name) definition
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 12:33:21 +0100
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Konjarla, Pavan wrote:
> Hello,
> GnuTLS certtool is unable to display the correct value of Postal Code when 
> the certificate subject contains 'Postal Code' as its one of DN fields.
>  The scenario how to reproduce is as follows,
> 1.       Create a CSR with a DN which contains Postal Code as one of its DN 
> attributes.
> 2.       Send the CSR to any CA for test certificate.
> 3.       After getting the certificate display the certificate using the 
> certtool  with ./certtool -i -infile <certificate>  command.
> 4.       Observed that the value for Postal Code is displayed something like 
> PostalCode=#0c06343030303933 instead of a valid decimal value.
> To fix this problem we should add the definition for Postal Code with the 
> corresponding OID in ASN1 structure.
>  I am attaching the patch file with the feasible fix. Kindly let me know if 
> you need any other information/clarification.

Hello and thank you for the report and fix. I have committed a fix based
on your patch. However would it be easy to you a send me a certificate
that includes the postalcode and/or name so that I can verify parsing
them right?


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