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Re: Documentation on W32

From: LRN
Subject: Re: Documentation on W32
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2012 20:57:44 +0400
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On 13.09.2012 10:39, LRN wrote:
> On 13.09.2012 1:21, Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos wrote:
>> On 09/11/2012 09:11 PM, LRN wrote:
>>> Right now building gnutls with documentation on W32 is 
>>> practically impossible: * documentation requires files
>>> generated by autogen, * non-ancient versions of autogen require
>>> guile to work, * guile doesn't work on W32 * ancient versions
>>> of autogen might now work for gnutls, and are very difficult to
>>> build with modern autotools. Is autogen really necessary? Can
>>> these files be pre-generated and shipped in the tarball?
>> The autogen files are pre-generated and shipped in the tarball. 
>> Maybe make considers them old and tries to rebuild them. Which 
>> files have this issue in your system?
> OK, here's what i do: 1) I unpack gnutls-3.0.23.tar.xz 2) I patch
> it (patches are attached; don't take patch 0004 seriously, it's a
> workaround for braindead w32api library) 3) in source
> directory: autoreconf -fi 4) in build directory:
> gl_cv_double_slash_root=yes STRIP=true CFLAGS="-g"
> CPPFLAGS="-D__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO=1" ${srcdir}/configure 
> --prefix=/mingw --with-libtasn1-prefix=/mingw 
> --with-libnettle-prefix=/mingw --enable-nls --disable-guile 
> --enable-gtk-doc --with-libiconv-prefix=$/mingw 
> --with-libregex-libs=-lgnurx 5) in build directory: make
> The tail of make output is attached.
> I've also seen problems linking errcodes, where it can't find
> include file gnutls/gnutls.h, but i can't reproduce it at this
> moment. I think i need to remove !WINDOWS exclusion from
> doc/ for that.
OK, here's a fixed version of 0006 patch, gnutls compiles with it.
The problem was that *.h glob did not include in
lib/includes/gnunet/, it needed gnunet.h, but gnunet.h was generated
in builddir, not in sourcedir. I've explicitly added gnunet.h to the
list that cat feeds to perl script. However, that changed the order in
which file contents are presented (gnunet.h is now at the tail, not in
the middle), so i had to sort both the original file (when diffing
only, obviously) and generated temporary file.
Other fixes were my attempts to fix this, but they don't hurt either.
Apparently, lack of autogen does not prevent everything from building
(to my genuine surprise).
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