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Re: DRM Content link in about:preferences#general

From: Antonio T. sagitter
Subject: Re: DRM Content link in about:preferences#general
Date: Fri, 7 May 2021 14:42:30 +0200
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On 5/7/21 6:21 AM, Mark H Weaver wrote:
Hi Antonio,

"Antonio T. sagitter" <> writes:
I wish to point the "Learn more" link of DRM Content in
about:preferences#general to the webpage

Does IceCat in Fedora show that setting?  I don't see anything about
"DRM Content" in <about:preferences#general> in IceCat as built by GNU

Do you have "ac_add_options --disable-eme" in your mozconfig?  If not,
please consider adding it.  Alternatively, if you're using the
'configure' script, passing "--disable-eme" also works.

"--disable-eme" dows not work in some architectures (s390x, arm),
so i removed it.

I have to choose if removing "--disable-eme" completely and modify the link, or using -eme option when possible.

What change is needed in IceCat?

See "drmInfoURL" in browser/components/preferences/main.js for the
relevant code.  As it is now, it looks like it goes to:


Is it possible using an entire http link instead of `("") +

    let drmInfoURL =

      Services.urlFormatter.formatURLPref("") +




      .setAttribute("href", drmInfoURL);

let emeUIEnabled = Services.prefs.getBoolPref("browser.eme.ui.enabled");

Antonio Trande
Fedora Project
GPG key: 0x29FBC85D7A51CC2F
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