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Re: Can I do a pull request on icecat for version 115?

From: chippy
Subject: Re: Can I do a pull request on icecat for version 115?
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2023 20:46:36 +0200

On Fri, 2023-10-06 at 01:11 -0400, Mark H Weaver wrote:
> Hi chippy,
> On 20 Sep 2023, chippy wrote:
> > Hi, I have been working on updating Icecat to version 115.
> I wanted to offer a belated "thank you" for getting the ball rolling
> on
> updating IceCat to 115.  I was suffering a bit of writers block at
> the
> time, and your preliminary patches were tremendously helpful in
> helping
> me to get started.  I'm sorry that I was not more communicative at
> the
> time.  I credited you in the Git commit log for the 115.3.0 update,
Hi, it's been a pleasure. I saw the git commit, thanks!
> but most people don't look at that, so I wanted to thank you here as
> well.
> Thanks also for offering to help other users get started building
> IceCat
> from source.  I would like to write some documentation on how to do
> that, but first I need to figure out what to recommend.  Building the
> source tarball is easy, with few requirements beyond a POSIX base,
> Bash,
> Python 3, Wget, Mercurial, GnuPG, GNU sed and GNU Coreutils, but
> building the binary (outside of GNU Guix) is another matter.  I know
> that it can be done on Debian testing, with GNU Guix additionally
> used
> to provide an up-to-date 'cargo' binary, but I'd like to find
> something
> to recommend to people who don't want to run Debian testing with all
> that entails.
I would like to learn how to crosscompile (so far i'm buiding on native
OSs) so Jenkins can do everything in the near future I hope.

I can draft some documentation for the different OSs if you want since
I'm busy anyway building for Linux, Mac OS and Windows. 

Also I wanted to ask: is it ok if I distribute installers? Of course
built with unaltered code.
...I'm kinda doing it alredy on Codeberg.

Let me know for the documentation I'm still doing builds on each OS for


> Anyway, thanks again for your contributions and community spirit.
>    Warm regards,
>        Mark

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