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Re: [Goptical] spot analysis problems

From: Richard Graham
Subject: Re: [Goptical] spot analysis problems
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 12:12:45 -0800
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Hi Alexandre,

You were right about needing to call one of the analysis functions to
trigger the trace. I had assumed that the initial trace would be done
when the object is constructed. It would be good to explain how this
works in the documentation.

In any case, I can now proceed to debugging the underlying problem. It
turns out that the rays are being generated and intercepted by the image
surface. I can loop over the intercepted rays and look at their
positions. For values of the density parameter that don't work, I see
the first few rays generated all have NaN's in the positions.

I have one other thing I would like to point out which may be related --
or may be an unrelated bug. My imaging plane is larger than strictly
necessary. In my layout rays propogate through the system to the right,
then the right-most component is a parabolic mirror which the rays
strike off axis and are reflected 90 deg down to the image plane. For
some reason I have to make the image plane wide enough such that it
extends to the right further than the right most point of the parabolic
mirror. If I don't do that the rays will not be reflected by the mirror.
I am using sequential analysis.

Richard Graham

On 02/16/2013 07:35 AM, Alexandre Becoulet wrote:
> On Thursday 14 February 2013 21:24:56 Richard Graham wrote:
> Hi Richard,
>> I checked image.get_system() and it points correctly to the system.
>> Running with valgrind I get:
>> ==1468== Invalid read of size 8
>> ==1468==    at 0x40A55C:
>> _Goptical::Trace::Result::get_intercepted(_Goptical::Sys::Surface
>> const&) const (result.hxx:54)
>> ==1468==    by 0x40923F: main (
>> ==1468==  Address 0x180 is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) free'd
> It looks like Tracer::_result_ptr is NULL. You should trigger the ray tracing 
> by calling one of the analysis function before calling get_trace_result(). 
> Maybe it would be great to have a public function for starting the ray trace 
> directly on the Analysis classes.
> Use the const version of the get_tracer() function if you do not want the 
> result to be invalidated:
> const_cast<const 
> Analysis::Spot&>(spot).get_tracer().get_trace_result().get_intercepted(image).size();

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