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[Gpsd-commit-watch] [SCM] GPSD annotated tag, release-2.36, created. rel

From: Eric S. Raymond
Subject: [Gpsd-commit-watch] [SCM] GPSD annotated tag, release-2.36, created. release-2.36
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2011 11:35:54 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GPSD".

The annotated tag, release-2.36 has been created
        at  2edb0ec0aa31e0cbb9ec02e45dcb5d139d190740 (tag)
   tagging  3015b09119a13731cc3a6f6711184c30f33777d6 (commit)
  replaces  release-2.35
 tagged by  Eric S. Raymond
        on  Tue Jan 1 14:44:05 2008 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag for public release.

Chris Kuethe (48):
      missing header
      more magic
      close tag
      Ashtech driver. Tested with an Ashtech/Thales/Magellan AC12
      more commits from the caribbean - tidying up some whitespace
      stuff i noticed while working on the ashtech driver
      stuff to make this work at berlios
      more hacking...
      honour the $Id$ keyword
      Work on the reporting form.
      use multipart/form-data encoding. required for file uploads
      adjust form validation, fedex my soul to hell (again) with ugly uploader 
      handle the actual form submission
      add altina gbt709
      ashctl is a simple test tool to configure an ashtech receiver...
      mention ashctl and ubxsend
      Thales AC12, with binary messages enabled.
      mark a couple of gpsd servers as down
      Navcom SF-2040G from Diego Berge
      Thales AC12
      swapped gpsd and nmea versions
      add ac12 regression test. nothing special, just plaintext NMEA
      there is now a regression test for AC12 without raw data output
      add link to latest hardware reference
      Add a note about requiring usbfs to use the garmin gps18 (usb)
      uBlox AEK-4T in binary mode. Added to unstable because it breaks gpsfake
      Ashtech fixes.
      teach the monster ashtech decoder how to handle $PASHR,SAT and $PASHR,POS
      fix the handling of the device id
      shuffle some ashtech stuff around
      Make the packet sniffer a bit more picky...
      fix the satellite info decoding.
      whitespace fixes
      wrap long line
      fix the logic for checking satellite status
      fix broken satellite use decoder
      talk more about UBX and iTalk
      fix my fix of satellite info parsing.
      fix my fix of satellite info parsing.
      fix my fix of satellite info parsing
      sync satellite info parsing...
      update link to isuite docs
      describe ubx packets
      teach gpsfake how to play back itrax logs too...
      revert eric's patch to fix leap year date handling

Eric S. Raymond (84):
      Write some new shipping machinery.
      Man page detail suggested by Hamish.
      More clarification of the -j option.
      Bump the version number.
      Integrated Garmin Simple Text Protocol driver from Petr Slansky.
      Fix patch from Petr Slansky.
      The gpsdrive version of gpsd is dead as of gpsdrive-2.10pre4.
      Typo fix.
      Dates and more details.
      Correct the gpsdrive maintainer's name.
      Fix patch by Petr Slansky.
      Update the Hacking Guide.
      A bit of refactoring.
      Typo fix.
      Delete the subclass _repr_ method, otherwise fix data won't print.
      Fix patch for update_compass_panel() by Petr Slansky.
      Call mkgmtime() to get GMT, not mktime() to get local time.
      Address Berlios bug #11970.
      Address Berlios bug #12006, applying patch #2174.
      Mention the -j option in the FAQ.
      Address not defaulting to J=1.
      Updated FAQ and Hacking Guide material on the J option.
      Cosmetic change.
      More additions to the FAQ.
      One of the Berlios bugs in vertical-error computation...
      Not carelessly dumping a NaN timestamp fixes one of the Trimble tests.
      With this change, it looks like the playacar regression test stabilizes.
      Trimble regression tests are now stable and 32-vs-64-bit issues have been 
      Re-enable building with DBUS.
      Miscellaneous documentation updates.
      Removed wired-in NTP offset from the NMEA driver.
      Minor build and patches from the Gumstix crew.
      splint cleanup.
      splint cleanup.
      Enrich the regression-test logs with more metainformation.
      More metadata additions.
      Cope gracefully if a regression test is missing its check file.
      Use getopts for argument processing.
      Improvements to the test machinery, and another test.
      Drop RPM support. Also, trim a log so the regression test doesn't run 
      Bug list update.
      More for the TODO.
      Two more rules from the mailing list.
      Improve the logformat entry.
      Add some metadata.
      Comment fixes.
      Cosmetic fix.
      Sanity-check the Python modules with pychecker.
      We have a regression test for the eXplorist 210.
      Avoid naive FP comparison.
      Incorporated a Debian explanatory patch.
      New release guidelines and a new hardware report.
      Stronger NaN-guarding on the speed error estimate computation.
      An attempt at support for the Furuno Electronics GH-79L4 (GPSClock).
      Typo fixes.
      First step towards supporting field reports through a web form.
      Drop two regression-test metadata fields that were tricky to report
      Test-load cleanup.  Doesn't break the regressions.
      Basic web form presentation is done.  Next, add the validation logic.
      Webform can now sum its fields.
      Webform now retains state between invocations.
      Web form now fully retains state and displays a preview.
      Another step towards a working web form.
      Split up some fields.
      Another project is using gpsd.
      And another projects.
      Restore a test that mysteriously went missing...
      Better path handling for gpsfake (patch by bzed).
      String typo fix in bzed's code.
      Note a new feature.
      Ship a GSA/PGRME, etc, whenever HDOP/VDOP/PDOP or the error estimates get 
      Markup fix. Really a test of CIA.
      Updated timebase.h...
      Make the -h output include a list of compiled-in drivers.
      An attempt at ubx support in gpsfake.
      Fix the raw-mode test.
      Add a link to another interesting project.
      Backed out some recent changes that broke regression tests.
      This change will make gpsfake less fussy about trailing \n on binary logs.
      Fix for mkgmtime bug reported by Rob Janssen, from GNU gmtime() manual 
      Minor hotplug rule fix by Mikkel L. Ellertson.
      Fill in the name field based on info from Rob Janssen.
      Minor splint cleanups.  All regressio tests pass.
      Ready for 2.36 release.

Mick Durkin (8):
      Fxes to error-modeling docs.
      Correct zodiac.c so no "magic" value is used to offset the time sent to 
      A first attempt at changing the 1pps waveform monitoring...
      Second attempt at changing the 1pps waveform monitoring...
      Remove changes to 1pps code...
      Some non-ascii characters had crept in. Should be removed now.
      Restored "magic" value because it affected 1pps with this driver
      Added a warning against changing a magic number without live testing



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