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[Gpsd-commit-watch] [SCM] GPSD annotated tag, release-2.26, created. rel

From: Eric S. Raymond
Subject: [Gpsd-commit-watch] [SCM] GPSD annotated tag, release-2.26, created. release-2.26
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2011 11:35:51 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GPSD".

The annotated tag, release-2.26 has been created
        at  9b4558e1a2fbf95b790ffc98c6fa00972262ad46 (tag)
   tagging  8f65562c57cda0c7064c5b64078842b9d275cdf1 (commit)
  replaces  release-2.25
 tagged by  Eric S. Raymond
        on  Wed Jun 22 08:18:02 2005 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag for public release.

Eric S. Raymond (169):
      Cosmetic fixes.
      Restart the "Things not to do" list.
      Attempted fix for gpsdrive bug.
      Pass along, or compute, TDOP and GDOP.
      Minor cleanups.
      Fix embarassing unit-conversion bug.
      OOps, add appropriate constant.
      Various driver fixes and cleanups from Rob Janssen.
      First step of reorganization for dual-mode operation.
      Corrected method names.
      Separate the synchronous from asynchronous hooks in the user library.
      Remove description of a restriction no longer present.
      Raw-hook should only ship sentences watchers of the device they come from.
      Python client code had an error in parsing the new Y format.
      Enable MID52 if SiRF firmware version is 232 or higher.
      Add Haicom 303.
      We're going to merge packet_sniff into the main loop.
      Rthe range of atan2() includes -1.
      Second refactoring step towards putting packet sniffing in the main loop.
      Fix a serious bug in multi-device operation.
      Correct error in hunt logic.
      Tweak the code so the B command still works.
      Add trailing \n to log messages where needed.
      Preparation for the TSIP driver.
      Support R=2.
      Fix error in TSIP state machine.
      Fix recognition of SiRF packets in an NMEA stream.
      Clean up some device pointer references that must now be conditional
      This may fix Gary Miller's bug.
      Prevent a core dump while packet sniffing.
      Handle packet acceptance more cleanly.
      Condition out some unused code.
      Rob Janssen's fix for PPS threading.
      Update some documentation.
      Add ! command for gpsd control socket.  Rationalize xgps and xgpsspeed 
      Large step towards enabling sirfmon to run as a client...
      Exit cleanly on failed connect.
      Sirfmon in client mode now reads data but doesn't quite disassemble
      Rob Janssen writes: Here is my first version of the Trimble TSIP driver.
      Change API so raw_hook takes a length argument; supports dumping binary 
      sirfmon can now monitor through the daemon.
      OK, we can hex-dump super-raw packets.
      Document new B response correctly.
      Re-apply the fix for Gary.
      Documentation updates, no code changes.
      Followup to the TSIP patch; also, a manual-page correction.
      Make a start at cleaning up splint warnings.
      More splint cleanup.  Down to 1689 warnings.
      Down to 1562 splint warnings.
      Down to 1543 splint warnings.
      Down to 1545 splint warnings.
      1485 splint warnings.
      1474 splint warnings.
      Gary has a better fix.
      1383 splint error messages.
      1318 splint warnings.
      Some easy splint fixes, learned from hacking sirf.c, for tsip.c
      More fast Zodiac fixes,  1156 splint errors.
      1154 splint warnings.
      1104 splint warnings.
      1097 splint warnings.
      Get rid of more sprintfs.
      989 splint warnings.  Fix getw() macro bug pointed out by Rob Janssen.
      879 splint warnings.
      698 splint warnings.
      680 splint warnings.
      560 splint errors.
      556 splint warnings.  Found an error in the dsock handling with it.
      236 splint warnings.
      199 splint warnings.
      104 split errors. Some iffy changes to the TSIP driver.
      Fix compile error when all of SiRF, Garmin, and TSIP are disables.
      Attempt to back out the flaky speed and altitude bugs.
      78 splint warnings.
      75 splint warnings with all -unrecog directives removed.
      41 splint warnings.
      Zero splint warnings!
      Revert to 'Gary has a better fix.' (26 May 2005)...
      More details on how to do timezones.
      Python library has thread support.
      Ensure that we don't try to change GID or set the system clock when 
      First step towards regression testing.
      Add logging command to sirfmon.
      Oops.  Log the actual data, not random garbage off the buffer end.
      The new packet-getter in gpsfake seems to work now.
      Regression-test machinery is working -- and seems to have turned up a bug.
      Regression-testing is fully functional.
      Exhort developers to use the regression-test switch.
      Add Magellan EC-10 logs to the test suite.
      Add some documentation.
      More documentation.
      First step in integrating Rob Janssen's new macros.
      Second stage of bits.h integration; make the buffer argument explicit.
      Arrange for bits test harness to be splinted, and supporess useless 
      Teach sirfmon to use bits.h.
      Make sirfmon use the bits macros.
      Make sure bits.h is included in what's shipped.
      More log-trimming.  Also we can droop the delay another step.
      Type cleanup.
      Restore a damaged bit of the display.
      Don't let fix_quality_dump() emit DOP numbers at all when there is no fix.
      Documentation update, looking towards stable release.
      Do some int to size_t conversions we didn't catch the first time around.
      int to size_t conversions.
      Discussion of porting to weird architectures.
      Shut splint up about fixed-length types.
      More int to size_t conversions.
      OpenBSD port change: round[f] -> rint[f].
      OpenBSD port change: CBAUDEX removal.
      New version of bits.h with fixed-width types for cross-architecture 
      Experimentally putting splint in strict mode turned up some grubby bits.
      Clean out some now-unnecessary splint overrides.
      Remove more unneeded annotations.
      Port hack for OpebBSD; base code on C99 round()/roundf().
      Rob Janssen's first TSIP patch.
      Refactor so the raw_hook dumping is done in handle_packet...
      Clean up after the raw_hook architecture change.
      Rob repairs the TSIP driver and Zodiac output.
      Rob Jansssen's second-round TSIP patches.
      Documentation fixes and one minor splint cleanup.
      Reorganization and link fix.
      Collect all policy in one spot.  Doing this turned up a bug in speed 
      Add Zodiac log to regression test.
      Make sure sentence time is unset properly when a driver doesn't return it.
      Change the mode test before computing speed and climb errors...
      Prepare for 2.26 release.  Wait for tty to go active in hotplug script.
      Fix a problem with hotplugging.
      Add regression-test load for the Garmin Geko.
      Various small cleanups.
      Use NAN consistently for out-of-bound values of double type.
      splint cleanup after NAN change.
      First cut at implementing the CYCLE_START_SET flag.
      New packet-return API using newdata and explicit merging.
      Minor fix from Andreas.
      Support CYCLE_START_SET in the TSIP driver.
      Close off any possibility that CYCLE_START_SET could be set twice.
      New data-lifetime code looks like it might be ready for prime time.
      Clear the fix flag when nuking a fix.
      Bring up to date.
      Let's confuse Andreas less.
      Avoid CPU cost for nonworking DCD change detection.
      Make gpsfake terminate more cleanly when the logfile doesn't exist.
      Splint cleanup; also, label some things more informatively.
      More improvements in sirfmon legends.
      This may fix Andreas Brauchli's climb bug.
      Fix the regression test, climb is getting passed out of SiRF properly now.
      Explain the half-accumulating policy.
      First steps towards solving Rob Janssen's DOP problem.
      Back out a change that (harmlessly) broke the regression test...
      This version passes the regression test.
      DOP computation is now general to all drivers.
      Suppress unnecessary DOP computations.
      Rob Janssen's fixes to tsip.c.
      Simplest possible guard hook.
      Turn PPS off by default.  Fix off-by-one error in ZDA processing.
      First step in rebuilding gpsfake so we can use a debugger.
      gpsfake output can be piped.
      Second step in refactoring gpsfake...
      More gpsfake refactoring.
      We now use forking to allow the daemon to run in foreground.
      Abolish -n option.
      Now we can run instances under gdb.
      Nailed Rob's raw-mode core dump.
      Ready to ship 2.26.
      Ensure that date/time field is dumped as ? when...
      Prep work for 16-channel receivers; silence a warning about PPS 
      More prep work for 16-channel receivers.
      Splint warning suppression.
      This ships as 2.26.

Gary E. Miller (5):
      more lame splint fixes
      more splint changes
      last obvious splint changes, the remaining 6 are splint delusions
      fix gcc 4.0 warnings in gpspipe.
      Fix eph missing in garmin driver.



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