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[Gpsd-commit-watch] [SCM] GPSD annotated tag, release-3.0, created. rele

From: Eric S. Raymond
Subject: [Gpsd-commit-watch] [SCM] GPSD annotated tag, release-3.0, created. release-3.0
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2011 11:36:00 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GPSD".

The annotated tag, release-3.0 has been created
        at  ec1230ed6ae56d3a32dd65c495bf19426082fae7 (tag)
   tagging  d4ec1042efd73633d17390b87a3a403b52784d25 (commit)
  replaces  release-2.96
 tagged by  Eric S. Raymond
        on  Fri Aug 19 03:13:36 2011 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagged for external release 3.0
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Beat Bolli (9):
      gpxlogger improvements
      Move the memory barrier instructions into the header file
      Fix build without DBUS in scons.
      Initialize htmlbuilder.
      Don't lose the RPATH when building gpsd.
      Ignore OS X .dylib files
      Fix building without the scan-build wrapper.
      Count the errors in the maidenhead regression test driver suppress the stack trace on exit

Bernd Zeimetz (24):
      Fix parallel build by adding proper dependencies again.
      Cast gpsdata->gps_fd to intptr_t as int might not be big enough.
      gpsmon needs to be linked with ncurses.
      fully pkg-config-ify SConstruct.
      Use a saner way to set RPATH.
      Support debug=1 and profiling=1 (instead of --profiling).
      Check if chrpath is available, remove RPATH from binaries if so.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Move libQgpsmm/libQgpsmm_global.h into the main directory.
      Better libs/cflags handling.
      Build the qt library with Library(), support ncurses5-config.
      Fix ncurses typos and ncurses5-config call.
      Support static linking using pkg-config.
      Build python .so files from SConstruct directly.
      Allow to override variosu tools from the environment.
      Allow to scan-build Python extensions, too.
      Install python modules and extensions.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Install python programs.
      Install python .egg-info file.
      Install .pc files.
      add *.egg-info to .gitignore.
      Also install header files.
      Updating debian packaging URL.

Dirk Stöcker (1):
      Dirk wrote: "Could you add the header line "Host:" in the NTRIP

Eckhart Wörner (1):
      Mac OS X systemd activation for gpsd.

Eric S. Raymond (600):
      Version bump to 3.0~dev.  Commits can resume.
      POLL subobject name changes: fixes -> tpv, skyview -> sky.
      Emit "mode" before its dependent attributes in TPV, and timestamps with 
      Make certain leapsecond.cache is in the release tarball.
      Typo fix.
      Add a build-from-tarball test for the standard release sequence.
      Don't assume dot is on the path.
      Document order constraints better.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Explain the OnCore status bits drom the binary-protocol manual.
      Track fix counts per-device as well as for all devices.
      Minor fixes to mask auditing code.
      Remove a failed experiment.
      Revert "Remove a failed experiment."
      Use truly 64-bit constants for the 64-bit gps_mask_t flags.
      Make all drivers set the PPSTIME_IS mask where appropriate. It's not yet 
      Attempt to use the new PPSTIME_IS mask bit to control updating ntpd.
      Move as much of the PPS support as possible to ntpshm.c.
      The ship_to_ntpd flag shouldn't latch.
      Enable client debugging to actually work in gpxlogger.
      Fix bonehead error in the code for backward compatibility with Unix 
      New regression test for Typhoon 3100.
      Note a bug fix.
      Add some explanatory comments about where root privs are needed.
      Refactoring step.  Hide the internals of NTPD communication better.
      Reindent code in order to minimize some near-future diffs.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Set ntpd_ship_to per-cycle based on the driver PPSTIME_IS flag.
      Try to move NTP link activation and deactivation up to the disparcher 
      Pull the last NTPSHM code dependency out of the core library.
      Documentation update. All regression tests pass.
      Eliminate an ugly magic number.
      DEVICE::activated becomes an ISO8601 timestamp.
      Minor buld fixes, including shipping the doc directory in the tarball.
      Document the unpack() method in C and Python APIs.
      Documentation improvement.
      Remove a fossil from the Python binding.
      Enable gpsd to be built withot socket and subscription support.
      First cut at shared-memory export.  Daemon-side only.
      Casts can easily screw you up.
      First cut at read side of shared-memory exporter.
      Experimental export via shared memory is almost working.
      Fix a glitch in the SiRF driver exposed by the SHM export.
      Plant warnings about odd memcpy() implementations.
      Remove obsolete caveat.
      A Java binding is in early development.
      Startlingly, memcpy() is *less* of a problem for the seqlock than I 
      Add note on GPSTether.
      Clear up some confusion about *_SET vs.. *_IS defines.
      Re-identify most *_IS flags with corresponding *_SET flags.
      Change return values in the shm interface to be more like socket export.
      Begin splitting apart libgps_core.c into socket-export and generic 
      Core client library now hands off to libgps_sock.c and libgps_shm.c.
      Shared-memory export is now integrated and documented.
      Describe the shared-memory export.
      More description of the shared-memory export.
      Part repair of the shm dispatch.
      Double-buffer to prevent a corrupted shm read from clobbbering the user 
      The shm transport finallly works through gps_open().
      Split the JSON protocol dcumentation out of gpsd(8).
      Document that a clang build works.
      Improve the barrier code and beat GCC harder about not reordering 
      Restore file descriptor properly after control-send.
      Remove some dead assignments caught by scan-build.
      Fix scan-build glitches. All regression tests pass.
      Be extra careful about a USE_QT case.
      Scan-build and splint cleanup.  All regression tests pass.
      Fix erroneous make target.
      Add a switch to configure out control-socket switch.
      More conditioning out of code for minimal build.
      Add a scan-build run to the release procedure.
      Update the release procedure to include checking scan-build results.
      Magic-number and strncpy elimination.  All regression tests pass
      Fix up the rather broken code for generating Maidenhead locators.
      splint-clean the Maidenhead translator and make it available for cgps.
      scan-build and splint cleanup.  All regression tests pass.
      Add Maidehead grid square to cgps optional fields.
      Get the case of the subsquare letters right in the grid sqare.
      Make the Maidenhead convrter available in Python.
      Teach xgps to display the Maidehead grid locator.
      Add the sizes tool for looking at normal and minimal build sizes.
      Squeeze more code out of the minimal build.
      scan-build cleanup. All regression tests pass, code splints clean.
      Squeeze out some more code in the fixed-port-speed case.
      Partially revert the previous FORCE_NOWAIT change, as it broke the -n 
      Fix the minimal build.
      Another step towards complete conditionalizing on FORCE_NOWAIT.
      Eliminate nowait global when FORCE_NOWAIT.
      Robustness > micro-optimization.
      Allow gps_errstr() to report shm-specific errors.
      Display GST noise statistics in xgps if they are available.
      Clean up more scan-build warnings, from the raw logs this time.
      More RTCM2 test loads. no longer requires pthreads.
      Old nsl and socket libraries are part of libc nowadays.
      Prevent ignored-return warnings.
      First cut at SCons recipe.  Doesn't actually work yet.
      Ignore the SCons database thing.
      Declare scons configuration switches.  scons -h now works.
      Require automake version 1.10, and fix some typos.
      Autotools tentacle extraction.
      More extraction of autoconf tentacles.
      Reorder some configure computations so C++-related stuff is commputed in 
      Prevent a compiler warning.
      Remove some obsolete configuration tests.
      Comment improvements.
      gps_maskdump() has been a CPU hog. Drastically reduce the number of 
      Add a warning about gps_maskdump() being a security hog.
      First attempted uild with Scons recipe.  Not working yet.
      Remove unused --enable-profiling, fix the IPv6 default, rearrange for 
      Rerrange for readability.
      Introduce --disable-cheapfloats for the ARM guys.
      Cosmetic fixes.
      Library checks are working in scons recipe.
      Regularize some names.
      SConstruct still not working...
      More complete configuration write.
      Use AddOption istead of creating older-style variables.
      Gather in more of what does.
      Endianness test time.
      Simplify and reorganize.
      Remove an obsolete clause from a sed command.
      Sneak up on making the generated sources properly.
      Another hack at getting the generated source right.
      OK, at least we can make revisuin.h properly.
      Now we can build revision.h correctly from scons.
      Remove an incorrect target that blocks scons.
      SConstruct typo fix.
      Set SYSCONFDIR from scons.
      Remove cruft in the build that didn't bother autotools but bothers scons.
      Remove duplicative stuff.
      Use pkg-config systematically.
      Machinery for instiating files for .in files.
      Simplify the build.
      Only gpsd.c needs shmexport.c
      More build simplification.
      Document what still needs to be done on the scons build.
      Generalize the DBUS option check.  Something is still not quite right 
      We now know how to check for XML processors in scons.
      Documentation build works in scons...
      Fix a suffix error.
      Handle PPS dependencies.
      Removed duplicative ntpshm_put() in the UBX driver.
      Can't disable RTCM3, the regression tests need it.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Shorten some option names.
      A start on utility productions.
      Re-introduce srcdir in hopes we can somehow simulate VPATH builds.
      Fix DBUS-enabled building in autotools.
      Fix DBUS-enabled build in scons.
      Properly suppress DBUS enable if required libraries in scons.
      Conditionalize some extension manpages properly.
      Build distribution tarbals in scons.
      Make git ignore both shared and static libs.
      Specify the --version argument for the build.
      Fix a slightly broken scons dependency.
      Build the C binding in scons.
      Build cgps and gpsmon, previously left out of the list of client targets.
      Add Gary Miller's Gentoo warning.
      Break the libgps test code our of libgps_core.c.
      libdbus configuration is a nest of snakes
      Turn off C++ build until we can coerce the linker into doing the right 
      Partly working splint production.
      Give up on trying to splint the DBUS code. The headers confuse splint.
      Merge branch 'master', remote branch 'yazug-github/jmls-scons-hacking'
      libQgpsmm.xml does not seem to actually exist in the repo history.
      Fix the way cleanup after manual page builds is done to not leave 
      PPS_ON_CTS -> PPS_ON_CTS_ENABLE in the autoconf build.
      Abolish unused HAVE_PPS_H symbol.
      Clean up inconsistencies in bluez and dbus configuration.
      Make the way SConstruct sets SYSCONFDIR plug-compatible with autotools.
      Add -f option to gpsfake, removing a non-ortogonality in the behavior of 
      Coerce linker into making binaries that will load shlibs from current 
      Clean up the manual page and shared-library scons builds.
      Fix some make-isms.
      Simplify a test in scons.
      More tweaks to the scons release machinery.
      Follow up on a rename.
      deheader production for scons.
      Fix a minor build breakage exposed by scons.
      PPS doesn't actually depend on librt.
      The failed attempt at reindenting should be kept for the record.
      Add several regression tests to the scons recipe.
      Merge yazug's checkall change with my added regression-test options.
      RTCM regression testing in the scons recipe.
      Add AIVDM regression testing to scons recipe.
      Website productions in scons recipe.
      Simplify website generators.
      Experimental pydoc builder for scons.
      Begining of installation productions.
      In scons, interpret --prefix in an autotools-like way.
      Install libraries and manual pages from scons.
      In scons, uninstallation.
      Wrap up scons installation/uninstallation.
      Python modules build from scons. All regression tests pass.
      Implement a check target.
      Improve behavior on -c.
      In scons, reorganize computation of default and document important 
      C++ build into libraries from scons is working.
      Add a production in the scons recipe to dump the version, needs 
      Note the existence of the scons recipe.
      Compute absolute Python path for scons substiutitions.
      More portable way of crocking the library load path.
      Improve an explanatory comment.
      A kluge requires a kluge.
      Remove one obstacle to an scons -Y build.
      Speed the build up, and get out of the way of --srcdir.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Use -pthread instead of trying to link libpthreads, for OpenBSD 
      With -pthread, the compiler gets pickier about having the header included.
      The actually effective way to force -pthread.
      Remove unneeded declaration.
      Improve an explanatory comment.
      Survive not having either xmlto or xsltproc.
      Correct a help string.
      Unsafe to assume that you can build from DocBook just because you have 
      Cache the xsltproc test in scons.
      Add const qualifiers to some arguments never modified.
      splint cleanup.
      Use stamp file to avoid redundant builds of python parts.
      asciidoc may not be present. Cope.
      Implemented DESTDIR.
      Comment improvement and fix.
      NEWS is no longer generated and shouldn't be ignored by git.
      Clean up after a test.
      Remove a header that no longer fits the way we've organized the export 
      First cut at libQgpsnmm build.  Doesn't quite work yet...
      Don't clone the environment until after the configuration is finalized.
      Solve the clash-of-objects problem with the Qt build.
      Force building of Qt object files with g++.
      Qt binding build is working.
      Shoot the autotools build through the head, putting it out of our misery.
      Cleaning should not clobber the leaposeconds cache.
      Make it possible to build static binaries with --disable-shared.
      Fix bug in handling of numeric config options.
      Ensure that the RPM spec is in the tarball.
      Typo fix.
      Check in ASCII dumps made by inspectrtcm.
      Steps towards analyzing RTCM3 correctly.
      More small steps towards working RTCM3 decoding.
      RTCM3 decoding, more progress.
      Fix a shift that was breaking sbits() on fields longer than 32 bits.
      Decode of RTCM3 type 1005 is working.
      M.1371 is now available as a free download.
      Give up on configure-like options, return to scons-style persistent 
      Remove both .o and .os files on cleanup.
      Pseudoranges have two places of precision.
      Tell git to ignore the variable cache.
      Fix tarballs to have a proper version prefix.
      ldconfig is not a supported tool.
      Create shared libraries with fullname first.
      Install Qt binding under its full name, too.
      Correct the computation of a file stem name.
      Build shared libraries with the soname field set.
      Tweak the installation production.
      Fix up an RTCM3 field width.
      RTCM3 1004 analysis is working.
      RTCM3 message analysis for 1012 and 1013 is correct.
      Fix a xonfiguration error that forced on fixed_port spped.
      Banish a compiler warning.
      Avoid confusing splint with an autotools remnant.
      Eliminate a splint waring and possible overflow.
      RTCM3 1008 decodes correctly.
      Note that we got RTCM3 1006 along with 1005.
      Partial decode of RTCM3 1033.
      Conjectural decode of RTCM3 message 1033.
      Interpret GLONASS channel numbers in RTCM3 correctly.
      Attempt to solve the prefix-RPATH problem.
      GLONASS channel is a per-message attribute in RTCM3 1011.
      Don't punt on RTCM3 messages we can't yet decode.
      Don't strip out all RPATH information on installation.
      List altered configuration variables at config time.
      Regroup some options.
      Typo fix.
      Make the bluez option effective.
      Update the task list.
      Fold in Davev Taht's start on a cross-development environment.
      Ignore shared libraries with names in POSIX format.
      Revert a mistake. Noticed by mlichvar, thanks.
      Force some flag clears to ensure the library-side set member is correct.
      Describe the "pilot plug", now that we know about it.
      Support AISmessage type 27.
      Typo fix.
      Centralize the C client library's flag setting.
      Add a 'timestamp' type to the JSON parser to solve a compatibility 
      Cosmetic tweak: t_timestamp -> t_time.
      Usage comment fix.
      Use t_time consistently for timestamps.
      splint cleanup.
      Typo fixes.
      More explicitness about defaults.
      Minor documentation tweaks.
      Re-enable build without Qt.
      Describe more defaults.
      Typo fix.
      First cut at analysis code for IMO special message formats.
      Recover from IMO drafting error by using bit length as disambiguator.
      Analyze two more IMO message types.
      Banish some pointless compiler warnings.
      Comment and typo fixes.
      First cut at interpreting IMO special message formats.
      Avoid some duplicative writes.
      In, extracted field value is no longer constrained to be an array 
      Make the shared-memory export set the NMEA status field.
      Thinko fix.
      Improve an error message.
      Make gpsmon work again. Compare drivers by name rather than structure 
      Dump some new AOS enumerated-type fields as strings in scaled mode.
      In AIS, support Text Description - addressed.
      In AIS, support for message class 8 dac=1 fid=29.
      Dead-code removal.
      Minor documentation fixes.
      Comment tweaks.
      Steps towards turning into an actual code generator.
      First cut at code generator.
      Correctly handle the visibility-greater-than bit in AIS type 8 FID 31.
      Add type information to every field in the AIVDM message breakdowns.
      Teach the AIS extractor code generator to use type informatiopn.
      Teach the code generator to make structures.
      In AIVDM.txt, flag fields that turn into floats.
      First cut at generating JSON dump code.
      Add start end end options to code generator.
      Complete generation of JSON dumps.
      Dead code removal. All regression tests pass.
      Two levels of code generation avoids fragile hand-hacking.
      Specify widths on scaled fields.
      Support IMO236 Dangerous Cargo Indication.
      Cosmetic fix.
      Improved explanations.
      Refactor some code generation.
      Write some explanation.
      Code generation cleanup.
      Script name change.
      Typo fix.
      Typo fix and to-do note.
      Support IMO236 FID 15.  And polish the code generator a bit.
      Typo bug fixes.
      Refactor code generation.
      Explain some limitations.
      Inplement -t option of gpsdecode for type filtering.
      Improvements and cotrrections from ITU1371-4.
      Fix some bugs in JSON parsing and dumping of timestamps.
      In AIS, add partial support for IMO 236 FID 25 (untested).
      Splint cleanup.
      Clarify a default.
      Remove erroneous trailing comma.
      In AIS, library-side suppport for IMO289 FID 25.
      Correct a bitfield offset.
      In AIS, client-library support for IMO289 FID=18.
      In AS, support IMO 289 FID 20.
      Clean up after rescent AIS feature additions.
      splint cleanup.
      Ensure real division.
      Fix a minor code-generator error.
      Update on new features.
      Fix minor breakage reported by Beat Boolli.  All regression tests pass.
      Don't default systend to True, most of the world isn't a Mac.
      Being on a Mac changes one of the natural defaults.
      Reduce the frequency wuth which revision.h gets rebuilt.
      Python module installation.
      Oops, sd_socket.h should have been added to the repo with systemd support.
      I had systemd confused with a Mac thing.  Fixed now.
      In AIS, support for IMO236 type 8 DAC = 1 FID = 13.
      Refactor some code generation. All regression tests pass.
      splint cleanup.
      Avoid generating declarations for unneeded buffers.
      In AIS, support for IMO236 type 8 DAC = 1 FID = 15
      Added another supported device.
      sys has to be imported for error messages.
      Partial description of AIS Area Notice (addressed).
      More detail on Area Notice.
      Minor fix to a code generator.
      Add descriptions of AIS IMO Area Notice messages.
      Maidenhead locator regression test.
      Attempt fix for Maidenhead off-by-one rrror.
      Fixes for the Maidehead locator code, and a better regression test.
      Suppress some succees messages.  All regression tests pass.
      Partial description of environmental message.
      Another environmental sensor type.
      Improve explanatory comment.
      In AIS, another sensor report type.
      A minor improvement in a code generator.
      In AIS, add another sensor type to Environmental.
      AIS: Add another sensor payload type.
      AIS: Add yet another sensor type.
      AIS: Yet another sensor payload.
      AIS: And yet another sensor type.
      AIS: Weather report payload type.
      AIS: The last sensor payload type for complete IMO description.
      Minor corrections.
      Distinguish fields of enumerated type.
      Most enumerated types have references to table names now.
      Teach the code generator to handle enumerated types.
      Ensure testbuild works.
      In gpsmon, fix control sending to actually work again.
      Name and function change from revision 4.
      Warning about old scons versions.
      Remove unused prototype.
      Minor fixes to AIS tables and generation machinery.
      Improve dump-code generation for enumerated types.
      Add support for AIS Marine Traffic Signal message.
      splint cleanup.
      Add array boundary markers to the AIS message layout descruiptions.
      Back out AIS Tidal Window message support.
      Make the AIS table-renumbering code aware of array-boundary markers.
      Remove an erroneos stub. All regression tests pass.
      Structure generation for trailing arrays.
      Driver code generation for trailing arrays in AIDVM messages.
      Improve dump-code generation.
      Add array names to 'a' table entries.
      Use array name from the AIVDM.txt tables.
      Array boundary markers now include a dimension.
      Code generation  for arrays almost working.
      Driver code generation for arrays appears complete.
      Dump code generation for arrays.
      Typo fixes.
      Generate Python initializer members for trailing-array parts.
      Recover from some pkgconfig confusion.
      More detailed control of generated array substructures.
      Tweak a code-generation detail.
      Use array markup where appropriate.
      More use of array notation.
      Matchiing array code generation for the library parser.
      Typo fixes and clarification.
      In AIS, IMO289 Tidal Window support.  All regression tests pass.
      In AIS, support for IMO236 Tidal Window message.
      Remove a broken table header.
      In AIS, support for Route Info (addressed).  All regression tests pass.
      In the AIS message layouts, all trailing arrays are now marked up in line.
      In the AIS code generator, loop variables may be signed or unsigned.
      Signedness fix.
      In the code generator, handle duplicated substructures.
      In AIS, support for IMO Route info (broadcast).  All regression tests 
      In AIS, Route info (broadcast) support.
      In AIS, partial support for VTS-Generated/Synthetic Targets.
      Closing in on generating correct code for union subtypes.
      In AIS, full support for VTS-Generated/Synthetic targets.
      More use of array notation.
      Remove some vestigial logging.
      Typo fix.
      Remove commented-out documentation for an obsolete option.
      Update for the to-do list.
      Fix a help string.
      Correct a typo in the build recuoe that produced a garbled packet_names.h.
      Implement NMEA HDT sentence.  All regression tests pass,
      Cosmetic fix.  All regression tests pass.
      Comment fix.
      Add a FAQ on CPU and power overhead.
      sizes needed rebuilding for scons.
      Code slimming.
      More code slimming.
      Clean up generation of the configuration .h file.
      Fix misplaced break.
      Yet more code slimming. All regression tests pass, code splints clean.
      Don't issue spurious messages about changed config variables.
      splint check should work even after a clean operation.
      Add some missing packet types to the JSON interface.
      Typo fix.
      First xut at JSON passthrough code.
      Improve some error messages.
      Bug fixed, all regression tests now pass with PASSTHROUGH_ENABLED.
      Refactor to avoid duplicating work on zero-length packets.
      Cut down on gpsd_hexdump_wrapper() calls.
      Remove more duplicative logging.  All regression tests pass.
      Make the debug level part of the session context.
      Remove gpsd_hexdump_wrapper() from everything outside the packet sniffer.
      Move debuglevel into the context in gpsctl and gpsmon, too.
      Elimination of gpsd_hexdump_level.
      Improve the code for making sensor data and command strings visible...
      Better visibility test.  All regression tests pass.  Code splints clean.
      Make JSON support a full driver to avoid a crash bug in gpsmon.
      Avoid a core dump on gpsmon n1 command.
      Path-rewrite for JSON packets works.  All regression tests pass.
      Remote gpsd instances can be used as data sources.  All regression tests 
      Fix path-rewrite logic to handle multiple devices.
      Update to latest ciabot version.
      Another ciabot update.
      Typo fix.
      Typio fix, and record the fact that our CIA hook needs to use XMLRPC.
      Document a limitation of passthrough mode.
      Mark VERSION and WATCH with a remote attribute when passed from slaves.
      splint cleanup.
      Correct some date formats in test logs.
      Add a Pilot Plug regression test.
      Add fixed_stop_bits option.
      Correct a markup error.
      Remove some excessively scary language.
      Remove more scary language.
      Make gpsdecode initialize its time context the same way gpsd does.
      Make gpsdecode interpret "Date:" comments. All regression tests pass.
      Move all test log dates to yyyy-mm-dd.
      Minor cleanup on Gleb Smirnoff's patch.  All regression tests pass.
      Try to teach gpsmon to pass through JSON from remote sources.
      Typo fix.
      Live-feed support for Google Earth.
      Bring Python's stream method up to date so it matches the C one.
      splint cleanup.  All regression tests pass, code splints clean.
      Experimental gpsdctl, first cut.
      gpsdctl add and remove both work.
      No more Python in the hotplug sequence.
      Rename gpsd.hotplug.wrapper to gpsd.hotplug.
      Clean up after the hotplug system refactoring.
      Verbosity reduction.
      Document gpsdctl.xml.
      Document some obscurities.  All regression tests pass.
      Add some more documentation.
      Correct some documentation.
      Comment typo fixes.
      Minor device-database correction from vwf.
      Factor out a function we'll probably reuse.
      Featurectomy - remove gpsmon support for bcintxX commands in client mode.
      Cleanup after the gsmon featurectomy.
      Add proper crossreferences on the manual pages.
      Comment out some code that is unused after the gpsmon featurectomy.
      Comment out documentation corresponding to features just disabled.
      splint and cppcheck cleanup.  All regression tests pass.
      Remove unused code.
      Verbosity reduction.
      Slim down gpsd a bit by moving a function only gpsctl.c now uses.
      Typo fix.
      Minor fix suggested by Bernd Zeimetz.
      Make te default socket location available to all programs.
      Cosmetic change and comment fixup.  All regression tests pass.
      Beat Bolli made a good point in <address@hidden>.
      '-' in C filenames is confusing given local naming conventions.  Fix this.
      Cosmetic fix from mike_t, slightly hacked.  All regression tests pass.
      Comment fix.
      Remove redundant prototype.
      Remove unused code.
      -DTESTMAIN no longer exists.
      Avoid linking the srecord code, it's not used.
      Arrange for shared-memory segment to be properly removed on ^C.
      Compiler warning suppression.
      splint cleanup.
      Portavility cleanup for contrib code.
      Move to new build system.
      Prevent the C++ test client from segfaulting when GPSD is not running.
      Improve the C++ example.
      Bump protocol version number to 3.6 because of news "remote" attribute.
      In gpsfake, remove an unused feature and document what's there.
      Bulletproof the build a bit.
      Fix Berlios tracker bug #18214: Required rebuilding one regression test.
      Merge Michael R. Davis's changes to the RPM spec file.
      Remove a fossil remnant from before the daemon did automated cycle 
      Revert installing gpsd.h, and explain why.
      Simplify and improve the C hotplug handler.
      Fix the build recipe to process libdir correctly.
      Fix the pc files, by adding @libdir@ to the substituter function in 
      Perform appropriate substitutions on the .pc files.
      Package the gpsfake manual page.
      Cleanup and explanation.
      Add conditional dependency on the new PPS-tools package.
      Add an explanatory note.
      Documentation fixes.
      Another documentation fix.
      Sigh, most of our flocktest machines don't have scons yet.
      Drop privileges in foreground as well as background.
      Typo fixes and scan-build cleanup.
      Enable another gcc error messsabe and fix a warning.
      Note about -Wmissing-field-initializers warnings.
      Revert to old -N behavior of dripping privileges, and explain why.
      Improved explanation of the priv-dropping problem. All regression tests 
      Typo fix.
      Add more explanation.
      Detect chrpath correctly.
      Improved rpath editing.
      Declare chrpath as a build dependency.
      sysconfdir isn't actually used, so don't compute it.
      OK, previous commit was rong.  sysconfdir is required for C code.
      Minimal RPM-packaging fix to get 3.0 out the door.
      Update for scons.
      Make it obvious if one of the chrpath arguments is empty.
      Refactor the installation codeo avoid suspect assignmnents.
      Another try at fixing libdir installation.
      Attempt to fix rpath handling.
      Don't clobber existing leapseconds cache if USNO is not accessible.
      Declare the leapsecond cache precious so it won't be deleted before 
      Fix a line-wrapping error.
      Change soname format form libname.x.y.z to libname.x
      Attempted soname fixup.
      Slightly better soname fixup.
      Bug fix, got two operations in the wrong order leading to confusion.
      Yest another try at getting the soname right.
      Simplify and rename the shared-library installer.
      For, create both links and
      Make a libfoo.x.y link as well.
      Post-action fixups.
      Use relative linking.
      Give up on AIX support, lets us get rid of pre-action code.
      Guarantee that we build libraries before binaries.
      Make local shared libraries with all forms of the link name.
      Clean up symlinks produced by PostActions.
      Avoid unnecessary rebuilds.
      Note the problem with parallel builds.
      Explanatory comment and upstream bug explanation.
      Update the release procedure.  Re-enable valgrind.
      Ignore a generated file.
      This revision shipped as 3.0.

Gary E. Miller (9):
      Add missing include file needed for open().
      Revert over conditioning ship_to_ntpd
      3 sats needed for good time, not 4.
      Add fixcnt constraint to packet time as well.
      SiRF sets PPSTIME_IS when 3 or more sats in view.
      PPSTIME_IS and CLEAR_IS may be in the first packet.
      Remove unused SiRF constants: TIME_SEEN_GPS_1, etc.
      Fix for rpm build from:  Michael R. Davis <address@hidden>

Gleb Smirnoff (4):
      Use macro instead of hand-rolled version.
      Tiny formatting nit.
      Fix a problem when a device has disconnected and then reappeared.
      Consider a device subscribed inly if the subscriber has requested WATCH 
on it.

Greg Troxel (1):
      Use srcdir vs abs_builddir (more) appropriately.

Jon Schlueter (37):
      remove unused variable (received) in gps_read
      add a debug message to sirf_msg_navdata to display additional info
      Drop scope of a couple of garmin-only parameters
      Fixup regress-builder
      whitespace cleanup in SConstruct
      added a couple of test targets to the scons file
      redirect testapps to be build under testapps folder
      Tweak so that it could be used from another script
      Add support for timebase.h building from
      add Default targets for the two libraries gps and gpsd
      Whitespace cleanup in SConstruct
      add a preliminary hook for dependancy in config
      added alias and dependancy for testapps
      Adding localpath to LIBPATH so we have a chance of using local libraries
      make test_bits compile again
      Missing libraries on gpsctrl and gpsdecode
      trying to get compiling with socket-export
      move the export related sources out of main library defination
      Fixup libusb detect
      remove unneeded dependancy for a test app
      fixing make check to build test_bits
      Merge branch 'jmls-scons-hacking'
      Add buildtest to default targets
      Attempt at python-indentation-regress
      Use glob for the explicit .py python objects
      finish renaming gpsd_dbus to dbusexport
      Correct naming of the gps library with path
      Tweak building libraries
      printout the help message for each of the options
      Note difference between gpsd_config.h from Make to scons
      Additional notes about scons discrepancies
      Quiet down scons
      Conditionalize dbus checking and support on dbus-export
      whitespace cleanup in gpsd.h-tail
      whitespace cleanup SConscript
      add checkall and regress-all Aliases
      Refactor Splint constructs to tabalize it

Jon Schlueter (none) (1):
      update scons to use pkg-config for libs

Michael Cook (1):
      Remove some @-signs from makefile commands to facilitate debugging.

Michael R. Davis (3):
      Repair the RPM builder.
      Close to getting RPM spec back in working order.
      Close to getting RPM spec back in working order.

Michael Tatarinov (8):
      Bluez library is called libbluetooth.
      Update gpxlogger to use GPX 1.1 metadata tags.
      Typo fix.
      Typo fix.
      In gpsmon, send command works in direct mode only now.
      netlib_localsocket(): close the socket if connect() failed
      Removed duplicate code.
      Removed duplicate code.

Miroslav Lichvar (5):
      include PATH from external environment
      install gpsd.h
      install man pages for python programs
      fix building in git snapshot
      make gegps executable

Oliver Kurz (1):
      Proposed improvement of gpsprof

Solomon Peachy (2):
      It seems that the leading '$' is stripped off the parsed NMEA string...
      Fixes for ncurses detection and environment imports.

mledford (5):
      Resolved build system producing undefined symbols on Mac OS X...
      Adds an additional check to only add Mac OS X link flag when building as 
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Resolved broken Mac OS X build from recent SConstruct changes.
      Converted all tabs to spaces.



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