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[gpsd-commit-watch] [SCM] GPSD annotated tag, release-3.4, created. rele

From: Eric S. Raymond
Subject: [gpsd-commit-watch] [SCM] GPSD annotated tag, release-3.4, created. release-3.4
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 16:42:26 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GPSD".

The annotated tag, release-3.4 has been created
        at  ed0f129eccefd8dbfd9583b6edec8d627a9226bb (tag)
   tagging  41cf5898a4523f2d68088b859a919cc2fb3ca77a (commit)
  replaces  release-3.3
 tagged by  Eric S. Raymond
        on  Thu Jan 12 11:41:48 2012 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagged for external release 3.4
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Beat Bolli (2):
      Run chrpath only if building shared libraries.
      Import Python modules only once.

Bernd Zeimetz (19):
      The commands mudule is deprecated.
      Don't cache python extension build file names.
      Refactor snomae version building and create QT .pc/.prl files.
      Integrate libQgpsmm_global.h into libgpsmm.h.
      SConstruct: Use gpsd_version as revision for releases.
      Integrate Python so_ext into temp filename for python*-dbg builds.
      Better filenames, the last version worked but looked a bit messy.
      Don't recreate leapseconds.cache for non-dev builds.
      Only set RPATH if we are building shared libraries.
      Add whatis info to gpsdctl.8
      Spelling fix.
      Add socket and service info for systemd.
      c_ispeed is missing in the termios struct on some architectures.
      Fix to work with the scons output.
      Fixing the handling of libdir and friends.
      Fix gpsd systemd service activation file.
      Fixing spelling error.
      Add udev support for for uBlox 6 USB devices.
      Debian Bug#655349: Missing Requires in gpsd.service

Eric S. Raymond (39):
      3.3~dev commits are open.
      Fix a slightly botched (but probably harmless) write.
      Begin to refactor and simplify SConstruct, using 2.x.x constructs.
      Fall back to static linking rather than bombing out when chrpath isn't 
      Typo fix.
      Increment dev version.
      Workaround for Savannah tracker bug #34710.
      Remove the webring code.  It was somhow causing forwards to the ring...
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Don't use DESTDIR when calculating the installation RPATH.
      Minor bug fix: make gpsfake -h work as it should.
      Add a test load for the Transystem 737A+
      Fix bug in AIS Type6 processing.  Fixes Savannah bug #35266.
      Hurd patch to support ulimited-length filenames, with a splint fix.
      Improved version of Hurd patch for unlimited-length hook names.
      Include needed header.
      Attempt build fix for ckuethe.
      Add a to-do item.
      New FAQ on USB lockups.
      Try to forestall buggy kernels from holding an exclusion lock...
      Arch linux doesn't have implicit linking.
      Indentation fix for Arch Linux configuration.
      Typo fix.
      Sigh, grelber can't be in the flocktest pool until I upgrade scons.
      Fix glitch found by cppcheck.
      Update the build instructions.
      Incorporate the latest IERS update.
      Deal properly with scheduled IERS transitions in the future...
      Typo fix.
      Typo fixes.
      Create integration notes.
      Add distribution/packaging notes.
      Don't try generating fence instructions on older i386 PCs...
      Set appropriate default for shared-memory export.
      We no longer need to referes the RPPM spec on every release...
      HTML validation fixes.
      Fix up a hardware database entry.
      Shut up, splint!.
      Version bump for release 3.4.

Kevin O. Grover (1):
      Corrected typos and spelling error.

Michael Tatarinov (3):
      Refactoring SiRF driver.
      SiRF monitor. Cosmetic tweaks.
      Garmin Serial binary monitor. When GPS have status nofix error value is 
very large.

Mike Frysinger (3):
      use DESTDIR with udev install
      always link against local libraries
      respect PKG_CONFIG in the build env

Peter Korsgaard (1):
      Navcom needs binary support

Yufeng Shen (1):
      Initialize msocks[2] to -1



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