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Re: [gpsd-dev] PPS over USB

From: Ed W
Subject: Re: [gpsd-dev] PPS over USB
Date: Mon, 07 May 2012 12:03:05 +0100
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On 06/05/2012 22:58, Jim Thompson wrote:
On May 6, 2012, at 4:46 PM, "Eric S. Raymond"<address@hidden>  wrote:

Gary E. Miller<address@hidden>:
The 3 units we received were hand made engineering samples.  Not sure
what their production schedule is, or any USA [retail] vendor.
They don't have one yet AFAIK.  That the last phase of my hack, which
I'll be working this week.  I have a friend at Amazon.
You have a friend at Amazon, I've run a storefront there for a good while now.

"When your item sells, Amazon collects the sales price and shipping costs from the 
buyer, deducts a referral fee of 6 to 25 percent of the sales price, a variable closing 
fee, and a per-item fee of $0.99."

Consumer electronics are 8%.   Assuming a $50 price, Amazon is going to pay you 
less than $45.

Note that you still have to stock it and ship it at this level.   Amazon is 
going to pay you $0.45 + $0.05/lb to do so.  You don't get to charge 'extra' 
for this, so you'll need to build
that into your price.

If you want Amazon to 'stock and fulfill', that costs more.  (Sell enough of 
them and they'll ask to bring it in-house.)   You'll pay for shelf space, 
inventory counts, and every 'pull'.

Is your $30 each a landed cost?  (import duties, import shipping, 
cost-of-captial, etc)  At what volume(s)?


Further sob story: I spend something like 6-9 months getting a new product added to their catalogue (it's *SERIOUSLY* hard to get a new item added unless you have a pre-allocated unique part number for it (I forget the name for this number now)). Finally got the part added, had to pay them £20/month to be a premium store during all that time, then we finally sold three items of the new part, one week later we got an email saying that Amazon no longer wanted to trade with us and that our account would be closed... Now here is the interesting part - without a vendor login to amazon you can no longer even phone them (wierd, but it's how they structure their business). So they currently have £2,500 (about $4,000) of my money and I have no way to phone/email and ask for it back - their general channels refuse any attempts to negotiate and decline to pass a message - emails to the correct department are never replied to.

Amazon is a tough nut if things go wrong. I still don't know how this story is going to pan out - I think we need to actually sue them to get the money back, but in Europe it's not that obvious even how to do that because of their unusual trade structure....

Good luck...

Ed W

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