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[gpsd-dev] Test coverage

From: Christian Gagneraud
Subject: [gpsd-dev] Test coverage
Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 02:03:44 +0100
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Today, I gave a try to gcov and lcov, and the results are encouraging I think, this is what I've done:
- 1 coverage report per testsuite run
- 1 coverage report with all the runs

The results when run on a x86 machine can be found here:

This is experimental stuff, I'm sure there's some problems here and there.

For the "all" testsuite, I think it is possible to merge all the testcases belonging to each other testsuite into a corresponding single testcase. Attached is the diff to SConstruct. After banging my head against the wall, I stopped trying to find a nice way to add conditionally "--coverage", to LDFLAGS, CFLAGS and CCFLAGS, and went for a less subtle one... I had to change the calls to mktemp as it was complaining about not having enough X ... As well, the coveraging calls is unconditional, this is still experimental, thought.

Any comments welcome!


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