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Re: [gpsd-dev] [AIS] HTML testsuite report

From: Christian Gagneraud
Subject: Re: [gpsd-dev] [AIS] HTML testsuite report
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2012 22:27:25 +0100
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On 29/05/12 10:30, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
Christian Gagneraud<address@hidden>:
I wrote a script that parse sample.aivdm and generate an asciidoc
containing status and details about decoded sentences (sample.aivdm
has been partially reformatted to be easily parsable).
This is still a WIP, any comments are more than welcome!

HTML output document is available here:

Ideas for future enhancement:
- Add TOC
- Add gpsd version somewhere
- Add summary table
- Add scaled decoding along the unscaled ones
- Add CSV decoding too?
- Give the standard names associated to each sample
- Give the message friendly name


I find output interesting to look at, but then I am like you
an AIS implementor - which is a pretty uncommon interest.  What
did you have in mind for this script? Was it just generating
some sort of explanation page for the website?

I have two goals, but I'm not sure exactly where to add these generated documentations bits: - Gives a clear and detailed picture of what is decoded and what has been checked against known good decodings
- Show example of AIVDM sentences vs scaled/unscaled JSON.

The first point could be included somewhere in the beginning of the document to show GPSD's AIS decoding status

The other ones could be included after each message description table for example.


Christian Gagneraud,
Embedded systems engineer.
Techworks Marine
1 Harbour road
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin
Tel: + 353 (0) 1 236 5990

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