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[gpsd-dev] gpspipe timeout on select (fd==0)

From: George Lutz
Subject: [gpsd-dev] gpspipe timeout on select (fd==0)
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2012 13:12:57 -0400

I can build and run the gpspipe example from the gpsd-3.7 library.  However, the select( ) on the gps fd always times out.  I assume it’s because the fd returned from gps_open is always 0 (stdin), which is odd because gps_open( ) does succeed when I pass it localhost:<validport>.


In comparison, just running the gpspipe binary included in the gpsd library does work ok.  This happens on 2 ubuntu systems using gcc to compile.  I’m looking for ways to further debug this but if gps_open( ) is returning a bad fd, I’m not sure why that would be or how I can work with that.


Thanks for any help.



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