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[gpsd-dev] [ANN] A gpsd navigator shows location on world vector shoreli

From: Chen Wei
Subject: [gpsd-dev] [ANN] A gpsd navigator shows location on world vector shoreline map
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 14:40:04 +0000
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Hi there,

I wrote a gpsd client that draw real-time gps info on a world vector
shoreline map. It can also pan, zoom, rotate, measure distance /
heading, add placemarks, draw customize shapes like google earth does.
All data are stored locally, no internet access needed.

The source is hosted on github:

from the README

gpsd Navigator

There are three scripts in this package. is for viewing current location, heading, and speed on the
world vector shoreline map. is similar. The difference is it export several images
in different zoom levels and resolutions. Ideal for display on webpage. is for converting the downloaded world vector shoreline in
binary format to a sqlite database file. Navigator and
query this database file to retrieve the shoreline data.


This package is released under the terms and conditions of the BSD
License, a copy of which is include in the file COPYRIGHT.


It gets GPS information from gpsd, a daemon connect to a GPS device, by
USB, Bluetooth, or RS232. Any linux distribution comes with a recent
version of python and gpsd should be able to run it. There are gpsd for
MacOS X and Windows too, try it youself.

python: tested on python 2.7

pygtk: it draws the GUI

gpsd: download and install it from if not
found in your system.

numpy: a coordinate is processed as a complex number which real portion
is the longitude, image portion is the latitude. Numpy makes transform
large number of coordinates much easier. It is normally not installed by
default, search and install it from the repository of your distribution,
or download and install it from

python-sqlite: used for store shoreline

How to run

1) download the world vector shoreline

2) run to generate the shoreline sqlite database.

3) after gpsd is started, run or

Chen Wei

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