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[gpsd-dev] nmea watch enabled at client connect?

From: Bernd Ocklin
Subject: [gpsd-dev] nmea watch enabled at client connect?
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2013 11:36:20 +0200 (CEST)


the below 3 lines enable / disable nmea when a new subscriber connects. This is
needed to serve apps like iNavX who don't speak gpsd. Would a proper patch have
any chance to get review and into gpsd when I submit one?

How about a new config option -W (--watch)? This option has either the json
command string {"enabled": true, ...} or a simple string "nmea, raw" as

e.g. gpsd -W '{"enabled": true, "nmea": true, ...}'


gpsd -W 'nmea,json' if you want to enable nmea and json format at client

Any preferences?

I use this patch in production with a hardcoded change in allocate_client() but
happy to provide a better patch with config options and proper formating if
there is interest.

--- a/gpsd.c
+++ b/gpsd.c
@@ -549,6 +549,9 @@ static /address@hidden@*//address@hidden@ */ struct
     for (si = 0; si < NITEMS(subscribers); si++) {
     if (subscribers[si].fd == UNALLOCATED_FD) {
         subscribers[si].fd = 0;    /* mark subscriber as allocated */
+        subscribers[si].policy.watcher = true;
+        subscribers[si].policy.nmea    = true;
+        subscribers[si].policy.json    = false;
         return &subscribers[si];


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