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Re: [gpsd-dev] My issue queue is empty

From: Hal Murray
Subject: Re: [gpsd-dev] My issue queue is empty
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 01:06:37 -0800

I've tried gpsmon on several SiRF III units.  All it says is Generic NMEA.

gpsmon -L shows:
  i l q ^S ^Q n s   x +   SiRF binary

If I turn -D 5 it says:
opening GPS data source type 3 at '/dev/ttyUSB3'
speed 4800, 8N1
Probing "Garmin USB binary" driver...
Probe not found "Garmin USB binary" driver...
Probing "GeoStar binary" driver...
Sent GeoStar packet id 0xc1
=> GPS: 5053474700c100010000000050924746
Probe not found "GeoStar binary" driver...
Probing "Trimble TSIP binary" driver...
speed 9600, 8O1
speed 4800, 8N1
Probe not found "Trimble TSIP binary" driver...
no probe matched...
gpsd_activate(1): activated GPS (fd 4)

So either it didn't try the SiRF probe or that probe is silent.


A flag in the GSV column to indicate which satellites it is using would be 

How do I cleanup the gpsmon screen after I type a bogus command?
For example, if I type "f", return, it goes into blinking Unknown Command 
mode  (and I really hate blinking text)

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