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[gpsd-dev] Looking forward to 3.11

From: Eric S. Raymond
Subject: [gpsd-dev] Looking forward to 3.11
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 10:10:36 -0500 (EST)

3.10 was a major release, with more changes to drivers and core code
than have been usual during the last several. To getn it out the door 
we left a number of bugs and feature requests unaddressed.  

There's been more activity than usual recently from contributors other
than me, which I take as a hopeful sigh that some of you might like
to work on the to-do items.  Here are some highlights - tasks I think
other people than me me might be able to take on.

*** Documentation

Consider merging the calibration draft into the Time Service HOWTO.

*** Client bugs

**** In gpsmon's PPS Offset field

Presently PPS Offset is displayed in direct mode for NMEA, SiRF, and
UBX devices.  Others should probably do likewise, notably the
Motorola Oncore and Garmin drivers.

**** gpsmon driver switching and blocking on error

Hal Murray reports:

   If I run .gpsmon /dev/ttyUSB0

   It starts up in NMEA0183 mode as I expect.
   "i" switches to SiRF, again, as I expect.

   "n" switches the display to NMEA layout, but the header still says SiRF.
   Another "n" now says: Device type has no mode switcher.
   At this point, "i" doesn't do anything.  (no pause either)

The second 'n' is losing information that it shouldn't.

   If I start over and feed it an "f", it starts blinking "Unknown command "f"
   The logging and display update stops.  After I type another character,  it
   clears the blinking error message and stars logging/updating again.

Display update should not stop while this is going on.

*** Speed, mode and rate-changes in client-mode gpsmon.

Are not implemented.  In theory they could be.

*** Speed, mode and rate-changes in client-mode gpsctl.

Baud rate and mode changes work in direct mode but are not
reliable in client mode.

*** Integrate 1PPS into profiling ***

We caw now *really* measure latency from GPS top of second when it has
1PPS.  Add this capability to gpsprof and revise the "Where's the
Latency?" white paper.

** To do:

***  Make subframe reports available in the C API.

gpsd now reports subframes when they're available, but the C client
library doesn't yet parse them.  A sample program to dump the SUBFRAME
data would also be useful. Gary Miller has this in his queue.

                <a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible 
will make violent revolution inevitable."
        -- John F. Kennedy

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