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[gpsd-dev] RPATH

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: [gpsd-dev] RPATH
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2014 19:27:06 -0400
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"Eric S. Raymond" <address@hidden> writes:

> So I have simplified the RPATH handling as much as possible.  Here
> is what the build currently does:
> 1. If libdir (defaulting to /ust/local/lib) is not in {/lib,
>    /usr/lib}, it is prepended to RPATH in the scons build environment.
>    The attempt to probe the system path with ldconfig is gone (I heard
>    the argument that that it screwed up cross-compilation).
> 2. In the SConstruct build environment, the build directory is
>    prepended to RPATH only if chrpath=yes, which is *no longer the
>    default*.  In this case chrpath edits the build directory out of
>    RPATH in binaries before installing them in rootspace.
> 3. In the regress-driver script RPATH is always set to include the
>    current directory. This means regressions can always be run regardless
>    of the value of libdir or whether chrpath is on or off, but without
>    affecting the load path compiled into binaries.
> If anyone has a problem with these rules, explain.  Keep it simple.  Don't
> make my head hurt.  And please change the mail subject to "RPATH".
> I'm going to delete that thread from my mailbox now.  We start fresh.

That sounds like a good plan to me; I have no suggestions for changes
for environments for which I try to use or maintain gpsd packages. (I am
assuming that RPATH in scons leads to rpath args at link time.)

The only thing I think some others might want is a configure switch to
omit setting RPATH in scons build env, always.  But I don't know if that
is wanted by any actual people, and if so it's easy for them to send a
patch to add the switch.  And if the default is what you said, then I
can't see anyone else getting bothered by the new switch.

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