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[gpsd-dev] JASON output from gpsd

From: Doug Robinson
Subject: [gpsd-dev] JASON output from gpsd
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2014 23:43:37 -0400

I may be not understanding the output of gpsd, but I am under the impression that the output of the support socket interface is pretty much plain NEMA 183.  The reason I ask is that the latest version of PolarNavy is not responding and I am attempting to track down the problem.  My assumptions pretty much work with opencpn as it takes the socket interface and runs with it, adding in the traffic from my AIS receiver as it goes.

When I queried PolarNavy support I received the following information:
PolarView requires data in NMEA 0183 (or N2K) format. 
As far as I know, gpsd provides data in their own (xml based) format, at least by default. You may want to check with gpsd developers to see if it can be configured to output NMEA 0183 data as well.

Polar Navy Support


Well since I have used gpsd for several years to interface to this application, I was a bit surprised.  I also attached a snapshot file which seemed to indicate that PolarNavy had at least read a header line from the gpsd interface although I know not what it meant.  I would hope that my problems lay with the group permissions and not with an underlying requirement for the PolarNavy folks to build a custom interface.  Since I am not a programmer the follow on request from PolarNavy support has me questioning my assumptions.
I don't have any successful user reports of PolarView working with gpsd. 

I am also fairly sure about gpsd data format. See this page for information: [
In particular, note: "Clients may communicate with gpsd via textual requests and responses over a socket. <...> The GPSD protocol is built on top of JSON, _javascript_ Object Notation." 

If you are certain that gpsd provides data in NMEA 0183 format - could you please let me know how you would access NMEA 0183 data stream from gpsd? If you have a way to do so - I may be able to provide instructions to use that data stream in PolarView.

Polar Navy Support

My answer is to look at the snapshot which in my book should answer the question as to how I would interface and I expected it to I off base here?

Doug Robinson
s/v Nemesis

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