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Re: [gpsd-dev] Describe your build environment, please?

From: Eric S. Raymond
Subject: Re: [gpsd-dev] Describe your build environment, please?
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2014 00:26:24 -0400
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Samuel CUELLA <address@hidden>:
> Here is what I use:
> scons wordsize=32 snapshot=off arch=arm sample=shell
> scons -j3 prefix=/usr libdir=$prefix/lib udevdir=/lib/udev
> chrpath=False gpsd_user=gpsd gpsd_group=uucp strip=False
> python=False bluez=0 libgpsmm=0 clientdebug=0 dbus_export=0 ipv6=0
> timing=0 ncurses=0 ntpshm=0 pps=0 shm_export=0 socket_export=1
> systemd=0 libQgpsmm=0 usb=0 aivdm=0 ashtech=0 earthmate=0 evermore=0
> fury=0 fv18=0 garmin=0 garmintxt=0 geostar=0 gpsclock=0 itrax=0
> mtk3301=0 navcom=0 nmea=1 nmea2000=0 ntrip=0 oceanserver=0 oncore=0
> rtcm104v2=0 rtcm104v3=0 sirf=1 superstar2=0 tnt=0 tripmate=0 tsip=0
> ubx=0 manbuild=0

That is *nasty* . I think I'll have to implement some option that makes 
all the driver switches default to off so it's easier to set up minimal
configurations like this.

I've merged a lightly edired version of your notes into the build document.
> Here comes the tough part.

OK, I'm not going to try to descibe that mess in our build document.
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