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[gpsd-dev] WG: gpsmon stop after 16 seconds...

From: address@hidden
Subject: [gpsd-dev] WG: gpsmon stop after 16 seconds...
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2014 16:29:01 +0100


i have found the primary reason for the stop of gpsmon after 16 seconds, the 
device send one out of four sentence, GPGLL with a wrong checksum, the other 
three sentences are correct. As i control the firmware of that device, i have 
fixed the bug now, and gpsmon works smooth with the device.

But there may be still a bug in the packet parser of gpsd, as i expect, that 
"badcounter" will be reset with the reception of a good sentence, or, 

The current behavior seem to accumulate the errors forever, and in my opinion 
this is a smoking gun. If there is a connection to a device  with some errors 
from time to time, it will be forced into reconfiguration after several hours 
or days.

And the question is still open, why gpsmon is not able to resync, but stops 
after some time with a device read error.

Thank you


Betreff: [gpsd-dev] gpsmon stop after 16 seconds...
Datum: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 14:02:47 +0200
Von: "address@hidden" <address@hidden>
An: address@hidden


i have a small module, that spits out NMEA0183 position sentences (GPGGA, 

The module is connected via a FTDI FT232R chip to a linux system, the module 
supply the data at 4800 baud only.

I try to monitor the data with "gpsmon /dev/ttyUSB0".

Gpsmon sync into the data stream, and display the data from the module, but 
after 16 seconds, it stops monitoring the data.

I have started gpsmon with a high (99)  debuglevel and write the data to a 

I see in the logfiles, that gpsmon try to switch to 9600 baud after 16 seconds.

Why gpsmon try to switch to another baudrate (9600), and never recover?

I do not observe this behavior with an older (2.96) version of gpsmon.

If i terminate gpsmon with crtl-c, a cat from the port shows the data again, in 
some cases i need a 

stty speed 4800 -F /dev/ttyUB0

or even a

stty sane speed 4800 -F /dev/ttyUSB0


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