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[gpsd-dev] livetest results: netbsd-6 ok, mac not

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: [gpsd-dev] livetest results: netbsd-6 ok, mac not
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 09:27:32 -0500
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I tested 3.11-468-g55af5af on OS X 10.9; it passes regression tests.
But, it doesn't work with a GR601-W.  If I run kermit, I can see NMEA
coming from the device at 9600 baud, with sane values, so I know it
works fine.  With gpsd, it seems to try to connect, and then

So this could be serial port sickness on the mac, or something else.

I tried with 3 commits later (doc fixes) on NetBSD-6, i386, and was able
to see skyview, position, etc. - so it's all fine there.

os x output:

gpsd:INFO: launching (Version 3.12~dev)
gpsd:IO: opening IPv4 socket
gpsd:SPIN: passivesock_af() -> 3
gpsd:IO: opening IPv6 socket
gpsd:SPIN: passivesock_af() -> 4
gpsd:INFO: listening on port gpsd
gpsd:PROG: shmat() succeeded, segment 524319
gpsd:PROG: shared-segment creation succeeded,
gpsd:INFO: stashing device /dev/tty.PL2303-00001014 at slot 0
gpsd:INFO: opening GPS data source type 2 at '/dev/tty.PL2303-00001014'
gpsd:INFO: speed 9600, 8N1
gpsd:PROG: writing oncore control type Cj
gpsd:SPIN: open(/dev/tty.PL2303-00001014) -> 5 in gpsd_serial_open()
gpsd:PROG: Probing "Garmin USB binary" driver...
gpsd:PROG: Probe not found "Garmin USB binary" driver...
gpsd:PROG: Probing "GeoStar" driver...
gpsd:PROG: Sent GeoStar packet id 0xc1
gpsd:PROG: Probe not found "GeoStar" driver...
gpsd:PROG: Probing "Trimble TSIP" driver...
gpsd:INFO: speed 9600, 8O1
gpsd:PROG: writing oncore control type Cj
gpsd:INFO: speed 9600, 8N1
gpsd:PROG: writing oncore control type Cj
gpsd:PROG: Probe not found "Trimble TSIP" driver...
gpsd:PROG: no probe matched...
gpsd:INFO: gpsd_activate(2): activated GPS (fd 5)
gpsd:INFO: device /dev/tty.PL2303-00001014 activated
gpsd:INFO: running with effective group ID 0
gpsd:INFO: running with effective user ID -2
gpsd:INFO: startup at 2015-02-15T14:22:38.000Z (1424010158)

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