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Re: [gpsd-dev] Updated docs on NTP segment management

From: Eric S. Raymond
Subject: Re: [gpsd-dev] Updated docs on NTP segment management
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 06:01:57 -0500
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Miroslav Lichvar <address@hidden>:
> > Would it have made sense to use the dummy slots in the current SHM?  
> > (assume 
> > we could find a way to avoid collisions)
> I think it would but how would it signal that the fields are set to
> not use some random garbage the client had on stack? Include a
> checksum?

That's easy.  Assuming we have the ntpd project's cooperation, we can 
define a mode 2 that uses a leading segment of the dummy fields to pass 
additional info.  Obvious tricks with unions apply.

Now that I'm familiar with both ends of the SHM driver, I could write
that implementation myself quite easily.

We should think about how we want to use that space carefully, though.  It's
scarce real estate.
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