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[gpsd-dev] [ Feature Proposal ] [RFC ] client-side-python-libraries may

From: teyrana
Subject: [gpsd-dev] [ Feature Proposal ] [RFC ] client-side-python-libraries may recconect to an intermittent gps daemon
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2018 11:46:22 -0500

Hey all,

I'm currently writing a patch for the python client side libraries to enable them to reconnect to intermittent gpsd instance.

1. Would the list be interested in getting a patch for this feature?

2. If so, what would the preferred invocation of this feature be?   Current proposal:

My current implementation:
default mode:
`gps.gps` still defaults to connect-once-or-fail mode

reconnect mode:
``` = gps.gps(host=gpsd_host, port=gpsd_port, verbose=verbosity, reconnect=True)
(i.e. add the 'reconnect' keyword-argument); then the libraries will enable reconnect mode:
   a) returns either data or a -1 for no-data
   b) will attempt to reconnect if it is not currently connected.


Daniel Williams
858-220-8134 (Mobile)
339-368-6425 (Skype)

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