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[gpsd-dev] Where to put tests for: $GPVTG

From: teyrana
Subject: [gpsd-dev] Where to put tests for: $GPVTG
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2018 17:25:31 -0400

Hey Guys, 

Two pretty quick questions for you: 

1. Where should I put tests for verifying VTG message processing?
My guesses:
  a) modify every device-specific test case which contains VTG messages? 
  b) emplace a specific test somewhere else, that's not obvious to me... 

  Research so far: 
1. I see $GPVTG messages already sprinkled throughout several device tests:  (36 of the .log files in `test/daemon` of them, to be exact) but it doesn't look like they're interpreted in any of them? 
2. I also looked at the test_*.c files, but they don't seem to contain many of the tests themselves:
  - `test_packet.c` only sees to test *parsing* of the raw nmea.
  - `test_libpgs.c` seems to be the test-file-runner (?)

2. I notice you guys also don't have a test *.log.chk for our brand (Hemisphere). Would it be worth while to add it? 

(Our receiver: for reference: )


Daniel Williams
858-220-8134 (Mobile)

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