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Re: [gpsd-dev] Where to put tests for: $GPVTG

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: [gpsd-dev] Where to put tests for: $GPVTG
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2018 14:38:17 -0700

Yo teyrana!

On Sat, 28 Apr 2018 17:25:31 -0400
teyrana <address@hidden> wrote:

> Two pretty quick questions for you:
> 1. Where should I put tests for verifying VTG message processing?

Use the built in regression scheme.  Add a GPS capture file in
tests/daemon that has the VTG commands.

>   a) modify every device-specific test case which contains VTG
> messages? b) emplace a specific test somewhere else, that's not
> obvious to me...

Nope just add a new test file.

> 1. I see $GPVTG messages already sprinkled throughout several device
> tests:  (36 of the .log files in `test/daemon` of them, to be exact)
> but it doesn't look like they're interpreted in any of them?
>   e.g.

Easy to find out.  When VTG code gets added to gpsd, then 'scons check'
will run all those sample files, and any new output data will show up
as errors.  We validate the errors are really good new data, then
update the expected test output data to match.

Easier than it sounds.

> 2. I also looked at the test_*.c files, but they don't seem to
> contain many of the tests themselves:
>   - `test_packet.c` only sees to test *parsing* of the raw nmea.
>   - `test_libpgs.c` seems to be the test-file-runner (?)

Yeah, ignore those.

> 2. I notice you guys also don't have a test *.log.chk for our brand
> (Hemisphere). Would it be worth while to add it?

Yup, more tests the better. Put the new raw data in tests/daemon, then
use regres-driver -b to create the new check file.

> (Our receiver: for reference:

Look in gpscap.ini, add your GPS to it.

Then send patches.

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