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[gpsd-dev] Developing for gpsd, Testing, and gpsfake

From: Jiwon Joung
Subject: [gpsd-dev] Developing for gpsd, Testing, and gpsfake
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2018 16:39:24 -0400

Hello GPSD-dev! 
I am a researcher at the University of Michigan.  I am trying to make some modifications to a local version of gpsd. However, I am really not sure how to test and run my changes with gpsfake. 

My understanding is that I need three players: gps (gpsfake), client (cgps), gpsd.  

There are log files in the gpsd/test directory that I can feed to gpsfake. The different logfiles seem to output different lines when run with gpsfake -p. Why is the output different and are they even compatible with gpsfake? 

Furthermore, assume I made some changes to my gpsd local repo. How do I run my modified gpsd with gpsfake and cgps?

Really would appreciate some help for a newbie.  :-)

Jiwon J.

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