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✘gpsd release coming

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: ✘gpsd release coming
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 14:51:19 -0700

Yo All!

I need to program a macro in my email program that says:

    "known bug, fixed in git head".

Which means it is getting to be time to do a release.  Yes, there are
still bugs and merge requests in the queue, but no major or disruptive
changes are in the queue.  Current open items will be dealt with soon.
Time to polish the code for posterity.

Let's move on to testing.  Many people have contributed to getting
the GitLab CI to test all commits.  Thanks to everyone working on that.
It means that gpsd builds, runs, and checks on most of our supported
distributions.  But there will also be bugs that only happen with
real usage to find.

Some new features should make packaging easier.  Configuring things like
the python shebang are now simple options, no longer patch scripts.  But
will require effort from packagers to change to the new options.

Please everyone, go forth and test.  No rush, no deadlines, but don't
sit on it until August either.

Gary E. Miller Rellim 109 NW Wilmington Ave., Suite E, Bend, OR 97703  Tel:+1 541 382 8588

            Veritas liberabit vos. -- Quid est veritas?
    "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." - Lord Kelvin

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