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Re: GitLab | Projects forced to "Private" (#294196)

From: Fred Wright
Subject: Re: GitLab | Projects forced to "Private" (#294196)
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2020 19:01:52 -0800 (PST)
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On Thu, 17 Dec 2020, Eric S. Raymond wrote:

James Browning via devel <>:
The ntpsec forks belonging to rlaager, selsky, and ianbreune are still
detached. A quick check shows that there are no forks. The page I looked at
claimed that such detached repositories cannot be reattached. TLDR there is
only on MR that still might be mergeable.

Annoying, but recoverable.

I'm not sure that is recoverable by users directly. And the "if you broke it, you fix it" rule ought to apply to the GitLab folks. Fully recovering from this requires:

1) Fixing the project visibility.

2) Undetaching all the erroneously detached forks.

3) Recovering (reopening?) all the erroneously closed merge requests.

4) ???

And this needs to be done for all affected projects.

It seems that they've only done #1 so far. Both my gpsd and ntpsec forks currently show as "Forked from an inaccessible project". However, I have two other GitLab forks that don't appear to have been affected, so it's not *all* GitLab projects.

Fred Wright

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