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Re: spurious install of ${prefix}/include/gps.h

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: Re: spurious install of ${prefix}/include/gps.h
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2021 09:19:44 -0400
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Thanks to a hint from Gary I added --tree=all.   As before, everything
that ought to be built is being built and then at the end (including a
few normal lines first)

  scons: building `gpsd-3.23~rc1/gps-3.23~rc1.egg-info' because it doesn't exist
  Preparing target gpsd-3.23~rc1/gps-3.23~rc1.egg-info...
  Creating 'gpsd-3.23~rc1/gps-3.23~rc1.egg-info'
  scons: Cannot explain why `/usr/pkg/include/gps.h' is being rebuilt: No 
previous build information found
  Preparing target /usr/pkg/include/gps.h...
  scons: *** [/usr/pkg/include/gps.h] /usr/pkg/include/gps.h: Permission denied
    | +-gpsd-3.23~rc1/clients/gps2udp.o
    | | +-gpsd-3.23~rc1/clients/gps2udp.c
    | | +-gpsd-3.23~rc1/include/gpsd.h
    | | +-gpsd-3.23~rc1/include/gpsd_config.h
    | | | +-/* gpsd_config.h generated by scons, do not hand-hack. */
    | | | +-gpsd-3.23~rc1/include/ppsthread.h
    | | | +-gpsd-3.23~rc1/include/timespec.h
    | | | +-/usr/bin/gcc
    | | +-/usr/bin/gcc
    | +-/bin/chmod
  scons: building terminated because of errors.
  Ensure your PYTHONPATH includes /usr/pkg/lib/python3.8/site-packages/

So it looks like somehow the install rule for ${prefix}/include/gps.h
got added to the build target.

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