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Re: scons clean, regress driver

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: scons clean, regress driver
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2021 15:49:36 -0700

Yo Hal!

On Fri, 06 Aug 2021 14:39:49 -0700
Hal Murray <> wrote:

> > BTW, the command is "scons -c", not "scons clean".  
> Ahh.  Thanks.
> It prints a bunch of warnings after the error message so it's easy
> (at least for me) to skim over the actual error message.

Yup, but it also returns an erro code you can use in scripts.

> > When in doubt: git clean  
> I have several scripts that I don't want deleted.

I put my build scripts in the directly aboce the gpsd source directory.
SO I can just "rm -R gpsd".

> > That is the release version.  
> How do I get that from a script?

You could grep SConstruct:

    # fgrep gpsd_version SConstruct 
    gpsd_version = "3.23~rc2"
    variantdir = 'gpsd-' + gpsd_version
               exports=['gpsd_version', 'variantdir'],

Or, use buildtmp which is a link to variantdir.  Just rm that.  But
no need since "scons -c" does that for you.

> You didn't comment on regress driver, so I'll try again.

Sorry, I missed that question...
> I have a hack script that runs a batch of the network tests several
> times. That's leftover from years ago when there were troubles
> getting the WRITE_PAD timer right.

Those troubles are not gone...

> It calls regress-driver which is
> now broken:

Works for me.  It just moved to the variantdir (gpsd-3.23~rc2, a.k.a.
buildtmp).  That happened when all the built files moved to the variantdir.

The source tree is now only the source tree, things are not built
there anymore.  To make it easy for you to "rm -R buildtmp" and get
a clean source tree.

This allows you to keep the bad habit of putting other files in the source
tree and not have them get cleaned.

> Does regress driver-return an error code?

AFAIK, yes.  No guarantees it is exactly what you want.

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