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Re: gpsd g10de777bb vs Jackson Labs Micro JLT

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: gpsd g10de777bb vs Jackson Labs Micro JLT
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2021 19:04:36 -0700

Yo Daniel!

On Thu, 12 Aug 2021 11:06:12 +0930
"Daniel O'Connor" <> wrote:

> > Cool.  What version gpsd?  From where?  
> As per the subject, g10de777bb (I cloned it fresh yesterday)

I did not recognize that as a partial version number.

> >> Mostly it seems to work, however I was getting log messages like
> >> so: gpsd:WARN: cycle-start detector failed.
> >> gpsd:INFO: Sats used (0):  
> > 
> > Yes, normal.
> >   
> >> .. until I enabled GSA messages.  
> > 
> > Yes, normal.  
> OK, perhaps a FAQ entry about what it means would be useful then.

Feel free to submit a sample FAQ entry.

> >> $PJLTS,0.28,1.48,68218,6,2.5828650,86.0955,1.1E-12,0,16,0x0*5E  
> > 
> > Got any doc you can share on that one?  
> It's documented in the MicroJLT user manual:

Perfect.  Thanks!

> It is head line stats about the clock management/health.

Some people get annoyed that gpsd does not document every possible NMEA...

$PGLVT might interst some poepl too.

> > No idea on that.  To debug I need the output of:
> > 
> >        gpspipe -R -x 20 > raw.log  
> OK attached.

Looks good, but odd.  gpsd force u-blox into binary mode, but that is
only NMEA?

When I run it past gpsdecode I can see the bad JSON:

$ gpsdecode < raw.log

An svid of 201 is very illegal.  So should be easy to find.

It came from this:


Which is a usage of GAGSV that gpsd have never seen and is not compliant
with wgat I think I know about NMEA 4.10.  But, of course, I do not
have the actual standard.

Since it so clearly conflicts with how other vendors use it, it should be
not hard to code it as a quirk.

You may wish to report to JL their non-standard message construction.

IMHO, it is a bug.

But I'm chasing an annoying u-blox 7 bug today.

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