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Re: Unexpected logging from gpsd

From: Mick Durkin
Subject: Re: Unexpected logging from gpsd
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2021 15:45:58 +0100
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Hi Greg,

I looked at /etc/rsyslog.conf and there was nothing set for debug severity.

I created an entry thus:-

# Log debug stuff
*.debug                                                 /var/log/debug

Now this log is getting all the gpsd messages about KPPS and PPS. That still
leaves me unclear why gpsd is outputting debug data all the time.
When we want debugging to be active we specify the level with the -D n option
at startup. This output is only coming from the ppsthread code within gpsd,
so why would that code be different?


Mick Durkin

On 10/10/2021 14:43, Greg Troxel wrote:

The norm for syslog is that programs are set up with a facility and name
and emit log messages at various levels.  Then the admin of a system
configures syslog to put messages where they want.  That config really
doesn't belong in gpsd sources.

The PPS stuff really should be LOG_DEBUG, and I bet it is.  If it's
higher, that's a gpsd bug, and if you are logging LOG_DEBUG and don't
like that, that's a misconfiguration of your log setup.

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