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Re: Recent 1024 bug

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: Recent 1024 bug
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2021 10:07:26 -0700

Yo Hal!

On Tue, 26 Oct 2021 00:13:10 -0700
Hal Murray <> wrote:

> I just scanned

Yup, that just will not die.

> I don't fully understand what went wrong or why, but it got me
> thinking about the testing setup.

Dyou you care to understand?  It would shed light on testing.

> Do we need to update some of the expected results occasionally?

We do.

> (rather than hack the code to reproduce the old results)

Wo do that to.

> Suppose there is a 1024 time warp between when the test data was
> captured and when the tests are run.

Yes, a continuing problem.

>  We would like gpsd to output
> new time (which will probably be in the future) rather than old time.

Why would we like that?  We tried that, it broke a lot of things.

>  That won't match the expected files which have old time.

Yup, which was part of the problem.

> So rather
> than hack the code,

Why not none of the above?  gpsd now uses the "# Date:" from the regression
ass the base date, so the regressions are always repeatable.

> why not update the expected file?

We tried that.  That is a lot of frequent updates, and sometimes past
2038 rollover which broke a ton of things.

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