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Re: gps feed from socat

From: Nick Taylor
Subject: Re: gps feed from socat
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2021 19:54:46 +0100
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Hi there

On 26/10/2021 18:23, Gary E. Miller wrote:
Yo Nick!

On Tue, 26 Oct 2021 13:47:16 +0100
Nick Taylor <> wrote:

Doing some testing on the latest 3.23.2~dev and noticed that cgps
appears to glitch with altitude coming and going.
Yes, unavoidable with NMEA.

Tried using a feed from socat calling gpspipe  as per docs and also
using kplex which provides a raw feed from my gps device

The raw feed doesn't seem to glitch but the socat one does. Note that
my gpsd on the server providing feed is v3.22 but I wouldn't expect
that to cause glitch?
Not much I can say without data captures.

And remember, the scoat example is pusedo-NMEA, not NMEA, so it will not
match your NMEA exactly.

Attaching 2 feed samples captured on dest machine using gpspipe -r in
case anyone can spot anything strange there...
No good, I need 'gpspipe -R" to see, I need the raw data, not the psuedo
NMEA after being processed a 2nd time as speudo NMEA.
New raw dumps attached
Also helpful would be a descriont of the real GPS model and how it is
Feed in this case is from Huawei ME936 modem/GPS module.

In the case of the socat feed via gpsd-3.22, but the kplex takes raw feed from the usb serial device and passes it out as tcp NMEA stream.
I'm not actually that bothered about this - just thought it was strange.

Let me know if any other dumps etc would help



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