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Re: ✘Draft GPSD-MIB

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: Re: ✘Draft GPSD-MIB
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2022 18:52:49 -0400
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"Gary E. Miller" <> writes:

>> I am not following at all.   Having management status available is
>> separate from making the actual position available.
> Is it?  Not in the Draft GPSD-MIB.

It should be separate, or rather position not included.  That's
management plane vs data plane.  For example, a mail server's MIB would
include counts of messages but not their contents.

>>   I would expect
>> normal practice is to have gpsd make the gpsd socket data available on
>> localhost only.
> Yes.  Ditto for gpssnmp.

Normal practice in SNMP is to expose it to some amount of network, more
so than gpsd.  Or at least it used to be.  People may have local agents
and then move to some other inter-machine protocol.

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