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Re: [RFC] get gpsd to work with gnss-share

From: Pavel Machek
Subject: Re: [RFC] get gpsd to work with gnss-share
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2023 16:34:05 +0100


(cc me if possible).

> > On Librem-5 (and I suspect other cellphones), gnss-share is more or
> > less mandatory to get geoclue working. For legacy applications (xgps,
> > tangogps), it would be good to be able to start gpsd as an option.
> Did you see them Android build for gpsd in android directory?

> > It seems that best solution is to teach gpsd to talk over AF_UNIX
> > sockets.
> AFAIK, that is what the Android build does.

Can you provide better pointer? AFAICT AF_UNIX is already used for the
control socket.

> > Would something like this be acceptable?
> Better to past code as an issue, or merge request, to make comments
> easier.

So here?

> > -    if (0 == getuid()) {
> > +    if (0 && 0 == getuid()) {
> Seriously?  Not gonna happen,and a bad way to do it.

Yep, not this one.

> > +    } else if (str_starts_with(session->,
> > "unix://")) {
> What would a sample unix:// URL look like?

It is used like this:

sudo gpsd-3.22/gpsd/gpsd -D 9 -N unix:///var/run/gnss-share.sock

> Why did the current gpsd/android not need to do this?

I'm not familiar with Android, but I'm pretty sure they are not using

> Got any doc on what this scoket looks like?

It carries usual NMEA data. It is very similar to TCP socket, but it
uses filename, not IP+port number. That way, filesystem permissions
can be used to limit who can see the NMEA data.

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