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Re: ✘64-bit time_t on glibc 2.34 and up

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: ✘64-bit time_t on glibc 2.34 and up
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2023 13:08:14 -0800

Yo Miroslav!

On Wed, 18 Jan 2023 16:52:36 +0100
Miroslav Lichvar <> wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 17, 2023 at 12:29:34PM -0800, Gary E. Miller wrote:
> > > Ok, maybe gpsd is not impacted by the libraries it is using, but
> > > it seems libgps is using some time_t fields, so they would need
> > > to be replaced by int64_t or something to avoid breaking libgps
> > > applications that don't use the same time_t.  
> > 
> > I'll look at that.  Anything in particular?  
> "git grep -E '(timespec|timeval|time_t)' include/gps.h" shows:
>     timespec_t time;            // Time of update
>     timespec_t then;      // time of log entry, zero if invalid
>     timespec_t utctime;
>     time_t tow;                 // GNSS Epoch Time in ms
>     timespec_t  mtime;  // time of measurement
>     timespec_t mtime;           /* time of measurement: sec, nsec
>     timespec_t activated;
>     timespec_t cycle, mincycle;         // refresh cycle time in
> seconds timespec_t  real;
>     timespec_t  clock;
>     timespec_t online;          /* NZ if GPS is on line, 0 if not.
>     timespec_t skyview_time;    // skyview time
>         timespec_t time;
>     timespec_t qErr_time;
> extern time_t mkgmtime(struct tm *);
> extern timespec_t iso8601_to_timespec(const char *);
> extern char *timespec_to_iso8601(timespec_t t, char[], size_t len);

The only ones that matter are ones that may be externally used.  That
will be a much smaller set.

So we know if all distros that support gpsd also support time64_t?

> > Are you going to patch chronyd with your variable length sock idea?
> > Current gpsd git head is a good test case for that.  
> It's now in chrony git. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.

Great.  I'll check it out.  I only have a few 32-bit hosts that
support _TIME_SIZE_bits, they are Raspberry Pi 3's.

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