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Re: [gpsd-users] GPSD under Debian 9.4: Systemd problems.

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: [gpsd-users] GPSD under Debian 9.4: Systemd problems.
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2018 10:40:44 -0700

Yo Martin!

On Fri, 22 Jun 2018 09:24:29 +0200
Martin Burnicki <address@hidden> wrote:

> IMO, if possible, a software package providing a daemon should come
> with a run control script, if possible.

Yes, but gpsd does not supply ANY software pacakges.

> It's *much* easier to provide a single systemd configuration file for
> the daemon than providing init scripts for different Linux distros,

Except for all the distros that do not use, for good erason, that
junky thing called systemd.

> since many distros expect a different syntax for the init scripts,

Which is why that is the package maintainer's problem, not gpsd's

> while systemd usually works the same way on all distros.

Sure.  I got this old car I''ll seel you cheap, runs great!

> >> Is it possible for systemd to look for it in both places?  
> > 
> > Dunno, I don't do systemd.  But if scons installs anything it
> > should not be going in /etc/ at all/  That is for distro installed
> > packages. Any git/source install needs to go into /usr/local/etc/
> >   
> >> Or have systemd-install hack that line after copying it in?  
> IMO it would be better if the gpsd package was shipped with an own
> systemd configuration file.

It does.  Patches welcome.

> > Not sure the solution.  The current situation of gpsd and systemd
> > is a mess.  Never worked well.  
> I think this is a general problem which is not related to systemd.

I beg to differ.

> If you have *any* program installed from a distro package *and*
> another version compiled on your own then you even have to take care.

Yup,  A bad thing.

> If you simply run it from the command line (without specifying the
> full path) you run the version that is found first in the PATH, which
> may not not be the one you expected to run. Yes I know that USUALLY
> /usr/local/... is searched first, but ...


> Also, if there are old fashon init scripts then these have often also
> the path to the executable file hardcoded, so if the script is from a
> distro package it won't find your own compiled binary, either, so
> there's no difference to the problem observed with systemd.

Not that way on Gentoo.  Any init script that still does that should
be fixed.

> An interesting question is if systemd would look into /usr/local/etc
> for overrides, similar to the path overrides, but the same question is
> if the older init scripts would support this.

I'll leave that between you and the systemd maintainers.

> So, if anyone comes up with a good idea how to avoid this confusion
> ... ;-)

Kill systemd?  Like Devuan?

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