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Re: Public gps_d server for a month

From: Christopher Story
Subject: Re: Public gps_d server for a month
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2020 08:27:51 -0600

all required information and instructions to configure a gpsd server are here ->

On Fri, Feb 7, 2020, 08:18 Василий Пономаренко <address@hidden> wrote:
I tested gps and nmea, but i get hardware (RS-232 with PPS) in summer 2020, and i will study and tested technology earler.
Please give me tested public gps_d server (for a moth) to i get connect him via tcp (udp) 
Or give instruction how i made fake gps-d server with real data (emulator may be)
i want make in my office local, non-internet gps and ntp server.
i want use in config as device^
 Remote gpsd feed
           A URI with the prefix "gpsd://"
Василий Пономаренко

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