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Re: [Graveman-general] Global Config file

From: Sylvain Cresto
Subject: Re: [Graveman-general] Global Config file
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 01:19:32 +0200
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therevel a écrit :


is there a way to make graveman use a global config file for default

What I have in mind is this: I want the users not to use /tmp as the
place for temporary files because we're
using diskless-clients with tmpfs. With a global config I could set this
path to something else.

The user config could override the global defaults, but it would be nice
if I could define them in the first place.

Thanks in advanced,


Graveman try to be compliant with XDG Base Directory Specification
( ).
So config file search order is:

(XDG_CONFIG_HOME, HOME and XDG_CONFIG_DIRS are environment variables).

By setting those variables before that graveman is starting I think you could use a
global config file for default entries.


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