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Changes to grep/doc/grep.1

From: Julian Foad
Subject: Changes to grep/doc/grep.1
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 19:56:01 -0400

Index: grep/doc/grep.1
diff -u grep/doc/grep.1:1.28 grep/doc/grep.1:1.29
--- grep/doc/grep.1:1.28        Wed Dec 15 14:33:38 2004
+++ grep/doc/grep.1     Mon Apr 11 23:56:01 2005
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
 .de Id
 .ds Dt \\$4
-.Id $Id: grep.1,v 1.28 2004/12/15 14:33:38 kasal Exp $
+.Id $Id: grep.1,v 1.29 2005/04/11 23:56:01 julianfoad Exp $
 .TH GREP 1 \*(Dt "GNU Project"
 grep, egrep, fgrep \- print lines matching a pattern
@@ -335,25 +335,32 @@
 Suppress error messages about nonexistent or unreadable files.
 Portability note: unlike \s-1GNU\s0
 .BR grep ,
+7th Edition Unix
 .B grep
-did not conform to \s-1POSIX.2\s0, because traditional
-.B grep
-lacked a
+did not conform to \s-1POSIX\s0, because it lacked
 .B \-q
-option and its
+and its
 .B \-s
 option behaved like \s-1GNU\s0
 .BR grep 's
 .B \-q
-Shell scripts intended to be portable to traditional
 .B grep
+also lacked
+.B \-q
+but its
+.B \-s
+option behaved like \s-1GNU\s0
+.BR grep .
+Portable shell scripts
 should avoid both
 .B \-q
 .B \-s
-and should redirect output to /dev/null instead.
+and should redirect standard and error output to
+.B /dev/null
 .BR \-U ", " \-\^\-binary
 Treat the file(s) as binary.  By default, under MS-DOS and MS-Windows,

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