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Changes to grep/ChangeLog

From: Charles Levert
Subject: Changes to grep/ChangeLog
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 12:15:47 -0400

Index: grep/ChangeLog
diff -u grep/ChangeLog:1.258 grep/ChangeLog:1.259
--- grep/ChangeLog:1.258        Tue Jun 21 15:54:35 2005
+++ grep/ChangeLog      Tue Jun 21 16:15:47 2005
@@ -56,6 +56,20 @@
          unused for now, intended to allow a simplifying rewrite of
          prline().  Adding them first will make for cleaner CVS patches.
+       * src/grep.c (prline): Simplifying rewrite using
+         print_line_middle() and print_line_tail().  No longer attempts
+         to find matches to colorize in context lines, thus avoiding
+         costly calls to (*execute)(), since we know by then that they
+         can't contain any by definition.  There are no longer four
+         different code paths whether -o and -i are each specified
+         or not; they have been unified into one, which should help
+         avoid bugs similar to previous ones due to not updating all
+         code paths in a synchronized fashion.  The -i code has been
+         explicitly marked since it doesn't belong there and should
+         be removed as soon as other -i code elsewhere is fixed.
+         The remaining GREP_COLORS functionality is implemented.
+         Savannah patch #3771 and patch #3644, heavily reworked.
 2005-06-20  Charles Levert  <address@hidden>
        * src/grep.c: Extensively document the SGR/EL-to-Right issue.

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