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grep annotated tag, v2.6, created. v2.6

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: grep annotated tag, v2.6, created. v2.6
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 11:55:40 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "grep".

The annotated tag, v2.6 has been created
        at  a0a86a81f74d45ffa2d74dc05dd475c098284020 (tag)
   tagging  922a5470ef83873fee6a5c55a1209e5242ea7e4c (commit)
  replaces  v2.5.4
 tagged by  Jim Meyering
        on  Tue Mar 23 10:56:21 2010 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
grep 2.6
Version: GnuPG v2.0.13 (GNU/Linux)


Arnold Robbins (1):
      maint: sync dfa comments from gawk

Eric Blake (2):
      build: allow compilation on cygwin
      build: fix cygwin build

Jim Meyering (111):
      maint: list gnulib modules one per line
      maint: generate ChangeLog from git logs
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      build: get more lib/* files from gnulib, adjust savedir
      build: adapt to the newer exclude API we now get from gnulib
      build: adapt to the newer closeout module from gnulib
      build: add several build- and release-related gnulib modules
      build: use git-version-gen for inter-release version strings
      build: require automake-1.11, enable silent-rules, parallel tests, xz
      maint: disable the many failing syntax-checks
      maint: enable immutable_NEWS check
      maint: enable "file system" check
      maint: use gnulib's progname module; enable set_program_name check
      maint: enable require_config_h checks
      maint: enable unmarked_diagnostics check
      maint: enable trailing_blank check
      maint: enable makefile @...@ check
      maint: remove now-generated file: po/
      maint: enable makefile_path_separator check
      maint: enable two checks
      maint: enable po-check
      maint: enable useless-if-before-free check
      maint: make .gitignore ignore more
      maint: remove "missing" script
      maint: enable cast_of_alloca_return_value check
      maint: enable cast_of_x_alloc_return_value check
      maint: enable prohibit_have_config_h check
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      fix multi-byte-locale read-beyond-end-of-buffer error
      maint: update all FSF copyright year lists to include 2010
      maint: record update-copyright options for this package
      build: run gnulib's tests, too
      maint: remove {m4,lib}/.gitignore; they were undergoing too much churn
      maint: avoid warnings about unused fwrite return value
      maint: avoid compilation warnings
      fix a possible bug: remove errant semicolon
      maint: avoid more warnings
      build: remove now-useless -I../intl option
      build: add configure-time --enable-gcc-warnings option; avoid warnings
      build: avoid format-string warnings
      build: avoid warning about unused definition of N_
      build: avoid shadowing warnings
      build: avoid shadowing warning for unused "rs"
      build: avoid shadowing warning for "link"
      build: avoid warning from -Wmissing-prototypes
      build: rename local to avoid shadowing global, dfa
      maint: rely on gnulib's new isdir.h
      maint: remove decl.m4
      maint: avoid old jm_* macros
      maint: update to latest gnulib; adjust
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      maint: use regex from gnulib, rather than our bit-rotting one
      tests: adjust spencer #37 to pass with gnulib's regex code
      build: avoid warnings in gnulib-supplied regex files
      maint: adjust formatting in tests/
      maint: remove unused Makefile rule
      tests: use from gnulib
      tests: exercise surprising -m1 vs. --context behavior
      doc: adjust NEWS item
      maint: enable the prohibit_magic_number_exit syntax check
      grep: use the correct exit status (2) upon write failure, not 1
      tests: correct TESTS_ENVIRONMENT's PATH setting
      tests: add help-version sanity tests from coreutils
      remove useless DJGPP-specific code
      tests: don't use "echo -n"
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      doc: document release procedure
      tests: add a test based on an example from Paolo Bonzini
      fix a bug in handling of -i and character classes
      maint: dfa-sync: add omitted array initializer
      dfa.c: add support for \s and \S
      maint: dfa-sync: use CALLOC rather than equiv. MALLOC+initialize-loop
      maint: dfa-sync: don't malloc zero
      maint: dfa-sync: comment and dead-to-grep code: no semantic change
      doc+bootstrap: document build-from-git-clone process
      dfa: avoid a leak (work_mbc->chars)
      dfa: sync a tiny change from gawk
      dfa: remove a trailing blank
      build: record build-from-clone tool requirements
      grep: avoid useless allocations for empty GREP_OPTIONS
      grep: plug an inconsequential leak
      maint: remove now-useless prototypes
      maint: remove all uses of PARAMS
      maint: remove a trailing space
      dfa: do not accept [[:UPPER:]] or [[:LOWER:]] internally
      dfa: appease static analyzers
      dfa: manually merge gawk's dfaexec
      tests: add test cases for dfaexec bug
      build: avoid build failure with --enable-gcc-warnings
      tests: clean up
      tests: for each test, set an envvar to its name
      tests: adjust to handle traps more portably
      * tests/ Rename to...
      tests: complete the renaming -> fedora
      maint: remove obsolete "cvs-clean" make target
      doc: add README-prereq, referenced from README-hacking
      maint: correct macro parameter parentheses
      reject reversed-endpoint ranges, with all regex variants
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      tests: ensure that all programs handle [b-a] consistently
      build: reinstate gnulib's fcntl-h-tests
      build: stop using gnulib's memmove module
      maint: alphabetize #include directives
      maint: remove TYPE_* definitions from src/system.h
      maint: use gnulib's fcntl module, just in case
      build: avoid compilation failure on systems using rpl_open
      build: avoid link failure on systems using gnulib's fcntl but not open
      build: use the fcntl-h module, not "fcntl"
      build: avoid warnings: tell gcc and clang that dfaerror never returns
      version 2.6

Johan Walles (1):
      Decrease epsclosure memory usage

Mike Frysinger (1):
      grep(1) man page: touchup --label option

Paolo Bonzini (96):
      move .cvsignore files to .gitignore
      add .gitattributes
      adjust for git
      start modernizing autoconf infrastructure
      quickly hack my way into bootstrapping until gnulib is in use
      do not rely on tests done by AM_GNU_GETTEXT
      upgrade to external gettext, modernize handling of m4 subdirectory
      fix last `make distcheck' failure
      use po/LINGUAS instead of ALL_LINGUAS
      use gettext.h
      free `bootstrap' name for bootstrap script
      rename to bootstrap
      run autopoint and fetch po files from the bootstrap script
      remove more gettext-provided m4 files
      remove Makefile.cvs
      remove useless AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS
      remove lib/posix/ directory
      another unused autoconf macro
      do not use NAMLEN
      bump AC_PREREQ to minimum supported by gnulib
      add gnulib
      add gnulib modules
      replace AC_CHECK_* with gnulib modules
      replace AC_DOSFILE with gnulib modules
      update gnulib, fixing missing inclusion of stdbool.h
      switch to pkg-config for PCRE detection
      fix compilation with included regex
      fix "grep -Ff" on CRLF-terminated files
      Avoid using an invalid memchr result.
      Improve description of --label
      Make 'grep -1 -2' and 'grep -1v2' equivalent to grep -2
      Speed up insert.
      add --group-separator=FOO and --no-group-separator
      fix for bug 21276
      eliminate invalid "ptr += (ptr2 - ptr1)"
      convert AUTHORS file to UTF-8
      Fedora Grep regression test suite
      augment case-fold-char-class test case
      fix previous test case change
      fix a bug in handling of -i and character type
      fix formatting of NEWS
      fix cross-line matching in PCRE backend
      allow grep -Pz
      remove register keywords
      remove register variable hacks
      extract common code from if/else
      use do...while(0) idiom
      Small refactoring in src/dfa.c
      simplify parsing of [a-z]
      more work on TODO
      kwset/system: remove ptr_t
      grep: cleanup one const cast
      dfa: get rid of x*alloc
      dfa: remove CRANGE dead code
      dfa, grep: cleanup if-before-free and cast-of-argument-to-free
      grep: fix error-message-uppercase
      syntax-check: enable makefile-TAB-only-indentation
      syntax-check: enable m4-quote-check
      syntax-check: enable space-tab
      tests: add more UTF-8 test cases
      dfa: fix handling of ranges in multibyte character sets
      grep: match multibyte charsets line-by-line when using -i
      dfa: rewrite handling of multibyte case_fold lexing
      tests: add another grep -i testcase, from bug 16179
      tests: use different output files to simplify reading failed .log files
      tests: factor name of output files into a variable
      dfa: improve documentation of struct dfa
      dfa: cache MB_CUR_MAX for dfaexec
      grep: remove check_multibyte_string, fix non-UTF8 missed match
      tests: fix syntax-check failures
      dfa: run simple UTF-8 regexps as a single-byte character set
      grep: remove more register keywords
      tests: use Exit
      tests: fix typo
      dfa: add missing function
      THANKS: fix Jim Meyering's email address
      syntax-check: remove space-tab exception
      dfa: speed up handling of brackets
      dfa: optimize simple character sets under UTF-8 charsets
      dfa: spell out "unsigned int"
      dfa: initialize struct mbcset using memset
      dfa: fix wchar_t/wint_t type mismatch
      tests: change help-version to per-program functions
      grep: remove getpagesize.h
      grep: remove one #ifdef
      grep: change struct matcher termination
      grep: make egrep/fgrep use struct matcher
      grep: eliminate {COMPILE,EXECUTE}_{RET,ARGS,FCT}
      grep: remove one #ifdef
      grep: split search.c
      grep: prepare for libification of *search.c
      grep: libify *search.c
      thank Eric Blake
      grep: rename files for intuitiveness
      grep: remove --mmap

Reuben Thomas (2):
      doc: improve the discussion of PCRE
      bring TODO up-to-date

Tony Abou-Assaleh (2):
      * update version to 2.6-cvs
      Acknowledge new maintainers, update README-alpha



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