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grep annotated tag, v2.19, created. v2.19

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: grep annotated tag, v2.19, created. v2.19
Date: Fri, 23 May 2014 05:19:42 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "grep".

The annotated tag, v2.19 has been created
        at  5dd36a3d9bd9bbe1bc46b1c7dff7d60f20befd0d (tag)
   tagging  3c3bc4a2aa4d81fe171a68a9c5ed9352cf89863c (commit)
  replaces  v2.18
 tagged by  Jim Meyering
        on  Thu May 22 21:04:37 2014 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
grep 2.19
Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux)


Jim Meyering (22):
      maint: post-release administrivia
      maint: dfa: pass NULL, not 0, as 2nd arg to setlocale
      tests: make a performance-measuring test less system-sensitive
      tests: avoid false-positive failure on some AMD CPUs
      maint: fix "make dist"
      tests: placate "make syntax-check" re compare arg ordering
      build: avoid OS X 10.8.5 build failure due to lack of static_assert
      maint: avoid sc_po_check syntax-check failure (kwset.c)
      tests: detect an infloop-inducing bug in grep -P (pcre-8.35)
      dfa: avoid new NULL dereference
      maint: Revert "dfa: avoid new NULL dereference"
      build: reenable some compiler warning options
      tests: use consistent spelling for locale name, en_US.UTF-8
      grep: fix new heap write buffer overrun
      gnulib: update to latest
      maint: make ChangeLog generation more robust
      maint: mark some breakless cases with /* fallthrough */ comment
      gnulib: update submodule to latest, and bootstrap
      maint: NEWS: move "Improvements" to the top
      maint: NEWS: adjust wording to reflect move
      maint: avoid new false-positive syntax-check failure
      version 2.19

Norihiro Tanaka (35):
      grep: don't match line-by-line for case-insensitive with grep and awk
      grep: remove trivial_case_ignore
      grep: optimization of bracket expression for non-UTF8 locales
      grep: revert removal of trivial_case_ignore
      grep: avoid to add same character to a bracket expression
      grep: optimization for fgrep with changing the macher to grep macher.
      grep: perform the kwset-helping DFA match in narrower range
      grep: take mbrtowc_cache into new member of struct dfa
      dfa: avoid re-building a state built previously
      grep: reuse multibyte DFA buffers in non-UTF8 locales
      grep: fix performance bug with regex in line-by-line mode
      grep: optimization with the superset of DFA
      grep: use the Galil rule for Boyer-Moore algorithm in KWSet
      grep: prefer regex to DFA for ANYCHAR in multibyte locales
      grep: no match for the empty string included in multiple patterns
      grep: open CSET and transform into uppercase when MB_CUR_MAX == 1
      dfa: speed up by checking multibyte characters on demand
      grep: speed-up for exact matching with begline and endline constraints.
      grep: may also use Boyer-Moore algorithm for case-insensitive matching
      grep: speed-up by using memchr() in Boyer-Moore searching
      grep: avoid wasting memory for large patterns in dfamust
      grep: skip checking of multibyte character boundary, reaching at eolbyte
      grep: speed up for a case to repeat failure in DFA after success in kwset
      kwset: improve performance by inlining tr
      dfa: optimize memory allocation
      grep: simplify superset
      grep: adjust timing back to kwset when dfaisfast is true
      grep: fix the bug in previous patch.
      grep: make KWset and DFA agree about invalid sequences in patterns
      dfa: speed up 'dfaisfast'
      grep: improve performance of -v when combined with -L, -l or -q
      dfa: fix inconsistency in multibyte locales
      grep: retry DFA superset after matching multiple lines
      grep: do not count newline before the start of buffer
      tests: add test case for newline-count fix

Paul Eggert (93):
      grep: fix multiple bugs with bracket expressions
      * src/dfa.c (parse_bracket_exp): Parenthesize.
      * src/dfa.c (prednames): POSIX allows [[:xdigit:]] to match multibyte 
      grep: remove lint
      grep: fix bugs with -i and titlecase
      grep: avoid 'inline' when it doesn't matter
      grep: minor tuning for mb_case_map_apply
      doc: describe titlecase fix better
      grep: fix some unlikely bugs in trivial_case_ignore
      grep: fix comment
      maint: remove differences from gnulib regex code
      doc: do not overpromise --ignore-case's behavior
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      grep: fix case-fold mismatches between DFA and regex
      fgrep: fix case-fold incompatibility with plain 'grep'
      maint: pacify 'make dist'
      dfa: port to freestanding DJGPP (Bug#17056)
      egrep, fgrep: go back to shell scripts
      grep: fix and simplify grep -iF optimization
      dfa: avoid undefined behavior
      egrep, fgrep: improve diagnostics from shell scripts
      dfa: improve port to freestanding DJGPP
      dfa: cache results of mbrtowc for speed
      dfa: avoid an indirection and port wint_t usage
      dfa: improve port to freestanding DJGPP
      grep: simplify dfa.c by having it not include mbsupport.h directly
      grep: minor improvements to previous patch
      grep: cleanup DFA superset optimization
      grep: minor cleanups for Galil speedups
      grep: simplify memory allocation in kwset
      grep: remove trival_case_ignore
      grep: prefer bool in DFA internals
      grep: port better to hosts with nonstandard nl_langinfo
      grep: remove bool_bf
      grep: cleanup for empty-string fix
      grep: cleanup for HAS_DOS_FILE_CONTENTS issue
      grep: improvements for the open-CSET patch
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      dfa: clarify memory allocation and port to IRIX
      dfa: avoid unnecessary work and other initialization
      dfa: better size-overflow check
      dfa: simplify transition table allocation
      dfa: simplify range char allocation
      dfa: simplify multibyte_prop allocation
      dfa: simplify position set and element count allocation
      dfa: simplify memory allocation
      dfa: avoid duplicate strlen when allocating memory
      dfa: simplify freelist
      dfa: simplify dfmust initialization
      dfa: trans reallocation microoptimization
      dfa: minor cleanup
      dfa: fix pointer type conversion bug
      dfa: fix bug that caused NUL to be mishandled in patterns
      dfa: minor improvements to previous patch
      grep: -P now rejects invalid input sequences in UTF-8 locales
      kwset: simplify Boyer-Moore with unibyte -i
      kwset: simplify and speed up Boyer-Moore unibyte -i in some cases
      dfa: omit static variables that limited dfaexec to one struct dfa
      dfa: fix memory leak reintroduced by previous patch
      build: suppress unsafe-loop-optimizations warnings
      dfa: minor tuneup of dfamust memory savings patch
      dfa: fix incorrect comment that led to heap overrun
      dfa: simplify and be more consistent about MB_CUR_MAX
      dfa: minor simplification of dfaexec
      misc: fix doc and test bugs re grep -z
      dfa: fix recently-introduced memory leak
      dfa: fix index bug in previous patch, and simplify
      kwset: improve performance when large Boyer-Moore key doesn't match
      kwset: speed up by using memchr2
      kwset: improve performance by inlining more
      grep: simplify EGexecute further
      grep: clarify EGexecute slightly
      tests: improve coverage for prefix-of-multibyte
      grep: simplify and fix problems with KWset-DFA agreement patch
      dfa: minor simplification
      grep: fix encoding-error incompatibilities among regex, DFA, KWset
      grep: improve internal API for multibyte boundary
      grep: fix -w match next to a multibyte letter
      dfa: minor performance improvement for previous change
      dfa: clarify use of "if"
      doc: mention performance changes
      grep: simplify and clarify invert-related code
      maint: fix indenting to pacify 'prohibit_tab_based_indentation'
      dfa: don't assume unsigned int is exactly 32 bits wide
      dfa: assume C89 for CHAR_BIT
      grep: minor improvements to retry-DFA-superset patch
      grep: -A 0, -B 0, -C 0 now output a separator
      tests: add test case for -C 0 change
      dfa: fix bug with \< etc in multibyte locales
      dfa: omit double includes
      egrep, fgrep: port to Solaris 10 /bin/sh
      tests: port mb-non-UTF8-performance to RHEL 6.5
      grep: port mb_next_wc to RHEL 6.5 x86-64

Stephane Chazelas (2):
      grep -P: fix it so backreferences now work with -w and -x
      align grep -Pw with grep -w



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