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[Groff-commit] Changes to //var/cvs/groff

From: wlemb
Subject: [Groff-commit] Changes to //var/cvs/groff
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 01:18:21 +0100

Log from commit: 

Update of /var/cvs/groff/man
In directory genba:/vol2/tmp/cvs-serv16914/man

Modified Files: 
Log Message:
Added the `return' request to end a macro immediately.  It simply
pops iterators from the input stack until a macro iterator is found.

* src/roff/troff/ (input_iterator::is_macro,
macro_iterator::is_macro): New member.
(input_return_boundary): New class to signal an immediate return
to while_request().
(input_stack::add_return_boundary, input_stack::is_return_boundary):
New functions.
(input_stack::clear): Use it.
(input_stack::pop_macro): New function.
(while_request): Use `is_return_boundary()'.
(return_macro_request): New function.
(init_input_requests): Use it.

* src/roff/troff/TODO: Updated.
* NEWS, src/roff/troff/, man/ Document it.

* src/roff/troff/ (input_iterator::is_boundary): Minor

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