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[Groff-commit] Changes to //var/cvs/groff

From: wlemb
Subject: [Groff-commit] Changes to //var/cvs/groff
Date: 22 Feb 2003 09:06:50 -0000

Log from commit: 

Update of /var/cvs/groff/font/devdvi
In directory genba:/tmp/cvs-serv29873/font/devdvi

Modified Files:
        MI S 
Log Message:

Valgrind fixes.

* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_table::~html_table):
Deallocate `columns' list.
* src/devices/grohtml/ (char_block::~char_block):
New destructor.
(text_glob::text_glob_html, text_glob::text_glob_special,
text_glob::text_glob_line, text_glob::text_glob_auto_image,
text_glob::text_glob_tag): Avoid memory leaks.
(text_glob::remember_table): Free memory before reassigning.

Add glyph `+e', greek lunate epsilon symbol, and `-h' (with the
alias `hbar'), the Planck constant over two pi.

* font/devdvi/generate/ Use `*e' for position 15 and
`+e' for position 34.
* font/devdvi/generate/ Replace `DI' and `HE' with
`u2662' and `u2661'.
* font/devdvi/{MI,S}: Regenerated.
* font/devhtml/R.proto, font/devutf8/R.proto: Add `+e', `-h', `hbar'.
* font/devlbp/*: Add `hbar' alias.
* font/devlj4/generate/ Ditto.
* font/devlj4/S: Regenerated.
* font/devps/generate/symbolchars: Add `+e'.
* font/devps/generate/textmap: Fix PS name for `-h'.
Add `hbar' alias.
* font/devps/symbolmap: Regenerated.

* src/devices/grops/ (transform_fill): Removed since unused.

* src/roff/troff/ (glyph_to_unicode_list): Add `+e',
`-h', `hbar'.
* src/roff/troff/ (unicode_to_glyph_list): Add `+e',

* tmac/X.tmac, tmac/ps.tmac: Provide definitions for `-h' and
* tmac/tty-char.tmac: Add `+e'.

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